Manipur Maoist warns threat to students

Imphal, July 20 2017: Maoist Communist Party, Manipur has stated that 25 students have been recruited this year and another 50 students are waiting to be recruited.

According to the press release issued by Kyonghan Mangang, Co-ordinator, Standing Committee of the Maoist Communist Party, Manipur the newly recruited members were formerly active workers of different Students body in the state.

The said recruited students have been given militia training and are deployed in and around Imphal as urban militia of the party, the press release furthers.

Meanwhile the newly recruited cadres of the party are facing threats from some student bodies and their closely tied parties.

Maoist Communist Party condemns such actions from another party and appeals to have a common understanding and bring peaceful political solution, the press release says.

It further added that if such threat continues and if the police are alerted about the identity of the new recruits, the party will not take it lightly to the aggressive manner.


C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.