Islamic State Suicide Bomber Attacks Wedding in Hasakah Rojava, 25 Civilians Killed

An Islamic State (ISIS) suicide bomber has targeted a Kurdish wedding in the Salah neighbourhood of Hasakah in Rojava-North Syria Federation, killing at least 25 civilians, including women and children.

Jazira Canton Health Council Co-chair Ebir Hesaf confirmed 25 people had died and 80 injured.

A statement from IS’ official news agency Amaq said; “A commando fighter of the Islamic State attacks a gathering of PKK militants with an automatic weapon and an explosive vest on the outskirts of Hasakah city.”

Local reporter Massoud Mohammed said the explosion targeted the Fatimê family. “The attack was against the Fatimê family who are known for their revolutionary background and active participation in the Rojava revolution. They have many YPG martyrs and are involved in Asayish (security) and civil activities,” Massoud told

Other reports suggest that both the bride and groom have died in the explosion as well as many other members of the Fatemi family.

An appeal for blood donations has been made by local hospitals.

Hasakah mayor Zalaan Ali said Asayish (security) forces had begun an investigation into the attack.

Hasakah is largely under the control of the Rojava autonomous administration with some areas controlled by the Syrian regime. Kurds, Arabs and Christians populate the city.

A previous suicide bombing attack on a Kurdish wedding in Gaziantep, in Turkey’s Kurdish region, killed 57 people and injured 66 on 20 August 2016. Although Turkish officials blamed the Islamic State (ISIS) for the attack, no group has claimed responsibility.