Serve the People – Los Angeles : Our Anti-Gentrification Struggle Continues!

In our continued fight against the forces of gentrification, we would like to ask our supporters to consider donating to serve the people – los angeles so we can continue doing the important and necessary anti-gentrification work in our communities: our organization relies solely on donations by our supporters and we are asking for your donations to help us continue building a broader resistance movement!

Your donations will be used so we can continue doing what is necessary to stop the opportunistic landlords, mega-rich banks, and unscrupulous developers from raising rents on low-income homeowners, renters, and local businesses and driving them out of our neighborhoods – We need to make sure Boyle Heights doesn’t turn into another hipster paradise! We aim to stop this! We are seeing what the greedy developers have already done to the tenants at Marmion Royal apartments in Highland Park (with the sheriffs soon to begin forcefully evicting people from the building), and now the rapidly developing, and soon to be, most notorious and shameless pro-developer project: to evict all 6,000 low-income tenants from the Boyle Heights Wyvernwood apartments in the next few years. Our fight is to unite with all people who stand against the forces of gentritication! We cannot do it without you. We rely on you, the people, to stand with us and wage this struggle!


Donate To Serve The People – Los Angeles!

C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.