RK Flensburg Brochure “Don’t destroy yourself – destroy the enemy!”

Our city – our life

Our Flensburg – the city where we live, work, go to school, make friends and live with them.

A city with a beautiful atmosphere, sea, beaches. But also with many opposites: Whole neighborhoods are characterized by poverty and neglect; Parents who need to work early until late to take care of their families.

On the other side we see the big shots, the tourists and hipsters, hotels and clubs, where you can forget all your problems for an evening and push things aside. And what also goes along in many cases – drugs of all kinds and very often chemical garbage, which is often consumed by young people.

But why the whole thing?

Why do so many – especially young – people smoke, snort or injext stuff here? Even though they know that it is attacking their bodies and their psyches and will destroy both after a while? Everyone knows that drugs of all kinds are addictive. Many of us and you know, if not from personal experience from family and friends, then mostly from stories of paranoid cokeheads, stuck LSD freaks, psychologically broken party drug victims and hectic speed junkies with gnawed teeth. The seemingly beautiful state of intoxication and the naive assumption “that won’t happen to me” can not be the only reason why so many people resort to this poison and throw away a lot of their hard-earned money.

Drugs let one forget and create a false reality. This statement would be confirmed to us by everyone who consumes it. Only that exactly this is what many are longing for. They want to forget and push away the problems and worries of everyday life in this sick System – family stress, school problems or the daily exploitation in the factory, in the workplace or in the Office. No matter if it’s for a night or a weekend. And that is exactly what makes it so appealing to many people. Some deliberately consume for this reason, others do not. That is why (in this case rather the cheap) drugs are a big Problem especially in the exploited and oppressed sections of the population – the Proletariat.

But no matter how many times we try to forget or displace these problems, they persist and become even bigger. In this case, each of us has it in our hands. Perhaps it seems to be the easier way to numb oneself every weekend to the point of being unconscious, just to look forward to the next intoxication in the upcoming workweek, instead of facing up to our responsibilities and the task that is ours to tackle in life.

This apparent “freedom” is nothing but illusion and self-deception!

It is the rulers, those who give us a hard time day after day. This is exactly what makes them content and makes them laugh up their sleeves: The
bosses, the politicians, the state. And why? It is more than fine for them as long as the masses get high and push away the problems that their broken system creates. Instead of calling those who are responsible to account, defending themselves and fighting this system. The rulers do not need to be afraid of those who are fallen into intoxication because they are easier to control.

When these hypocrites speak of the war on drugs, that’s nothing else as a bold lie, because they are the ones who work hand in hand with those criminal structures.

With those who manage large parts of production and trade. Partly through involvement of state structures with drug gangs, such as in the case of many closely allied with the US regimes in Latin America.

In part, however, by allowing these gangs to be granted freedom of action in neighborhoods or entire regions where revolutionary forces that seriously threaten the system are particularly strong.

Thus, the majority black parts of the big cities in the United States, where in the late 1960s to the mid-70s revolutionary organizations (such as the Black Panther Party) built a strong mass base in midst of the fight against racist and colonial oppression by US imperialism, is now in a swamp of crack and the turf warfare of the drug gangs since the 80es.

All this, of course, under the satisfied glance of the government.

Another example: the Turkish metropolis Istanbul.

This is where the fascist state speciffically grants freedom of Action to the drug gangs in the poor and working-class neighborhoods which are controlled by the various revolutionary Forces. The armed conflicts of the gangs already took revolutionaries’ lives.

In addition to this open and covert support for drug crime the imperialists and their henchmen also benefit from the “war on drugs” they proclaimed. With this justification, it has been possible for decades to aggravate more and more the state’s persecution of people who are against the bourgeois state.
For example, this happens due to the increased Police presence in the working-class districts or more and more perfected technical surveillance measures.

Above all, these measures affect those who have almost nothing in this system anyway: The proletariat and the people’s masses, which shall be hindered in the revolutionary struggle this way.

We do not want to give a sermon here.

What we want is a militant youth who does not put up with the imperialist mess!

This requires a physically and mentally fit youth, which does not depend on artificially produced intoxication and their feigned feeling of individual freedom!

Drugs make us think that everything is possible for the individual.

But real opportunities arise from the values of our class, the proletariat: Steadfastness, cohesion and solidarity!
When we realize that we are being driven out of our neighborhoods, that the rules we have to live by are dictated from above, and that we can not live happily despite hard work, we do not just watch! It has always been that way, and it is this rebellion that flows in our blood!

Freedom only arises in a joint struggle!
Freedom through intoxication is self-deception – defend yourself and fight against this system!

Your TV is lying – do not be fooled!

Whether we like it or not, we daily get filled up with advertising for unnecessary filth which we don’t need everywhere in the streets, on the bus, on the radio or television.

Whether it’s the latest Iphone, beauty tips from anorexic models, gambling or latest celebrity news. All this is supposed to make us believe that apart from the class background or our position in society we all have the same interests – the banker who sees the street advertisement from the window of his penthouse office, or the worker who is confronted by the same advertisement on his way to work. What is being attempted to disguise is that people’s interests always depend on their quality of life. The oppressed people have their own interests, the rulers and the bigwigs completely opposite ones, no matter if the same faces smile at them from billboards.

Advertising is just one example of many. On TV they show us dramatic relationships, broken families or difficult young people – sad and pathetic “destinies” of individuals, in addition to easy blunt Entertainment should generate pity on the one hand and let us believe we’re fine on the other Hand – because others are off much worse!

What should be sold to us here as “our culture” is for the most part inconsequential crap, without – or even more often with false – statements. Some preach a lifestyle of money, women and status symbols, others sing that life is carefree and beautiful. Real problems which imperialism produces as a ruling system in human beings are either completely concealed, or, if this is not possible, touched on but are usually depicted as personal suffering. Thus we are kept unknowing about the true source of these problems and the real concerns of the masses are torn from real political context. Where relevant social issues are reinterpreted as individual destinies, the situation is pushing more and more people into depression, addiction to drugs and medications, or even suicide at worst.

Our role models today should be any celebrities we know from TV etc.

The lives of these people in the vast majority of cases have nothing to do with ours, yet we should identify with them. Instead of linking it to facts like who owns more money, drives the most expensive car and has a nice new partner every week, we should ask ourselves who really deserves to be see as a role model. Our role models should be people who truly embody and convey important values:

sincerity, honesty, fighting spirit and solidarity!

People to whom we owe something; people who face, confront and fight the problems and did it in the past have certainly earned our respect honorably!

Who tells us all this – and why?

To understand the relationships and the respective interests behind all these examples, we have to ask ourselves who tells us all this crap every day and tries to convey it to us and to persuade from an early age on.

We do not have to talk about it for nothing –

these are the rulers of this system!

Those who are responsible for the oppression and exploitation of the people in our country, but not only that – they are the same ones who enforce their interests throughout the world with all the consistency.

They are engaged in wars of aggression over raw materials, trade routes and the expansion of power, plundering, murdering and raping peoples around the world – all in the name of FRG and NATO. Their interest is only to maintain their power – which means exploitation and oppression of a large part of the population. It is best not to let displeasure arise and to crush resistance or to nip it in the bud, should it take on unpleasant forms for the system and become really dangerous for it. And as described above, of course, they also try to shape the people according to their interests.

They do not want self-thinking, critical and fighting young people. No, they want exactly the opposite! They want drug junkies who prefer to party and repress their problems in the intoxication, rather than showing strength and tackling it. They want egoists who only strive for their personal well-being and not for the fact that the others are well. They want resigned people who do not care about anything because they think they can’t change anything anyway. People sitting in self-pity television and eating unhealthy stuff; they create images of the enemy, because they want people who fight against each other instead of looking up, recognizing the common enemy and to rebel!

Whether it’s the schools, their curricula created by politicians and business leaders; the media where the big corporations stand behind, or even politics, which is only the expression of this predatory economic system.

One thing is certain: the “shit” that is sold to us here as culture or as values, is only one of our enemies’ tools to keep us down and enslave us so as to maintain and consolidate their power.

But we will never be what they want us to be!
Do not believe the lies of the exploiters and do not let them make you victims of this system!

Stay fit – defend yourselves and fight!

We have realized that they are kidding us every day and we know how much the rulers rejoice when we believe the crap they tell us in the media when we eat the shit that they present us and if we prefer to numb ourselves with drugs in dissatisfaction instead of defending ourselves. But is that enough? Do we really want to be the tame sheep they are trying to breed in their filthy system? Those who may have understood that we – the absolute majority of the people – are enslaved and exempted to the blood, but do not do anything about it?

We say no! And there is only one possibility for us: We – all those who feel this misery every day – we have to get up and rebel, we have to fight and smash this system to build a new society together.

We were never given anything! Whether it was basic rights or real social progress, all of this has been fought for hard throughout history, not by any cowards or egoists out there for their own good, or people who spend all day watching TV, shopping or had their head full of drugs.

So why should we care about some celebrity stars from the television or the charts and his fucking big-dick life? Our role models are fighters, simple people like us, who did not just get comfortable in a broken society, but showed courage and have rebelled against injustice and oppression. And we must learn from our history and the history of other countries, wherever there are people who have been exploited and oppressed, there has been and still is resistance and fierce struggle against it. Do not act like a loser but keep your head and body fit. Do not believe the lies they spread, but educate yourself and each other. Do not be incited and split by politics and the media, because that’s what the rulers want. We are not united by skin color, nationality or the like, we are united by the fact of oppression – youth, workers, students and especially the migrants and women among us. And thus, the struggle also unites us, because we all want and will not accept this without words and idleness.

But having a clear head alone is not enough, this system is strong and well organized, and that is exactly what we have to be if we want to fight it and destroy it.

Do sports and train your body! Their false values such as selfishness and cowardice must be countered by our true values. We have to be honest, humble, upright and resolute. Show courage, help each other and face them with pride. We do not consider the culture we are taught here as ours, and so we must use, develop and unfold our own proletarian, fierce culture. There are enough examples of the fact that our culture is not history nowadays.

We have a plenty of artists of our class, who address problems and reflect our interests in their Music; tags, pieces and slogans expressing hatred of the rulers adorn the streets of our neighborhoods. And that’s exactly what we have to promote, transfer to other areas and drive forward.

We are many and we are full of hate for this system. It’s easy to suppress a horde of ignorant cowards, but what about a mass of organized and determined fighters?

Do not destroy yourself – destroy the enemy!

Live modest – fight hard!

Source: https://workupload.com/file/SAqESgV

C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.