Maoist Welcoming Speech from the LLL Weekend

We are documenting here a Maoist Communist speech that was sent to us on the occasion of the commemorative activities for Lenin, Liebknecht, Luxemburg and other fallen communists and revolutionaries in January.


We send you flaming red greetings from the Organizing Committees of the Maoist Communist Party of Germany!

We greet today all present comrades and sympathizers; the revolutionaries who are also fighting for the re-building of the communist parties in their countries; the fighting communist parties of the world, and the fighters of their red armies; the masses, who constantly add new fire to the revolution; the international proletariat, and the people of the world!

This weekend and the activities in honor and memoriam of our martyrs show us that if we wish to be communists, we must be very clear in our tasks and the path for all countries in which we fight.

Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht are the founders of our party in Germany. They recognized very clearly that, in order to have even a breath of a chance in the fight against the bloodthirsty and highly-armed imperialist beasts, our class must have a uniform leadership. Lenin, in the process of the Russian Revolution, developed a party of a new type: one that is recognized as the vanguard of the working class and is organized along democratic-centralist and cadre lines. Stalin also showed us the way with his synthesis of Lenin’s contributions and the systematic Bolshevization of communist parties. Chairman Mao gave us in People’s War, New Democracy and Cultural Revolution the essential contributions to the universal and all-encompassing ideology of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism through the application of which comes:

A militarized Communist Party, on strong ideological foundations, as a disciplined fighting machine for the preparation, initiation, and execution of the capture of state power. Democracy as the basis and centralism as the chief aspect. The three concentric instruments of this revolution: the party, the army and the united front. The guideline to serve the people and to live simply and fight hard.

We are proletarians! We want the power to end suffering. We want the dictatorship of the proletariat, socialism and communism. We know the necessity of proletarian revolution. And this revolution demands a blood toll! The task of the party is to minimize this bloodshed for the people and the working class however possible. Still, there is only one way for revolution, and that is long-lasting people’s war — whether in semicolonial and semifeudal countries or imperialist countries. All pacifist parliamentary illusions and revisionist lies must be fought and defeated. In the end, all political power grows from the barrel of the gun, and our path is revolutionary violence. The revolution and class struggle demand our sacrifice.

What does class struggle mean? Class struggle means to be a part of the deepest and widest masses of our class and people; to politicize them, mobilize them, organize them, and finally to arm them. To live with the masses, to work and fight with them and give their hatred a direction, and to return blow for blow wave after wave of imperialism, revisionism and reaction with them.

Our organization is an illegal and clandestine effort which has set for itself the task of bringing forth communist cadres and reconstructing the Communist Party in our country in the midst of class and two-line struggles. We give our word that we will give everything, even our lives, for this struggle!

The blood of our class and of the people of the world gives our red flag its color! It is our responsibility to follow our path to the very end! It is our damned responsibility to give everything! Everything for the cause! Everything for communism! We will sweep away its enemies with an iron proletarian broom! Whosoever fights against us will sooner or later be broken. This system has no future. The future inevitably belongs to communism!

In memory of Lenin, Liebknecht and Luxemburg and all our martyrs:

Strengthen the ranks of the vanguard of our class — strengthen the preparations of revolutionary war for the capture of state power in our country!
For the rebuilding of the Communist Party of Germany!
Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!
People’s War for socialism!

Source :

C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.