Brochure “Don’t destroy yourself – Destroy your enemy!”

With thousands of brochures and posters we started running our campaign “Don’t destroy yourself – Destroy your enemy!” against drugs and the degeneration of the youth in imperialism at the end of 2015. You can also view the brochure online or download it as a PDF.

We have summarized and published the individual texts in the following:

Our city, our lives, our rules!

Our Berlin – the city in which we live, work, go to school, make friends and celebrate; a city with many opposites: entire neighborhoods characterized by poverty and dilapidation. Parents who have to work from early to late to feed the family and on the other side the idle rich, tourists and hipsters. Luxury hotels and world-famous clubs, where you can forget and repress the problems of everyday life for an evening. And in the vast majority of cases – drugs of all kinds and very often chemical garbage, that is already snorted through the noses of young kids.

But why does all of this happen? Why are there so many – especially young – people smoking, snorting or taking something, even though they know that it is attacking their bodies and psyche and destroying them over time? Everyone knows that this shit is addictive and most people know, if not from personal experience in the family or friends then mostly through the school, the stories of paranoid crackheads, crazy LSD freaks, mentally broken partydrug victims and hectic speed junkies with gnawed teeth. The seemingly beautiful intoxication and the naive guess “this won’t happen to me” cannot be the only reason, why so many take this poison and also spend a lot of money on it.

Drugs let us forget and create a false reality. This is a fact that every drug user would agree on, but that’s what most of them are yearning for. They want to forget and repress the problems and worries of everyday life in this sick system even if only for a night or a weekend whether it is stress in the family, school problems or everyday exploitation in the factory, company or office. And that is exactly what makes it so appealing to many people. Some do it quite consciously for this reason, others don’t. Therefore cheaper drugs are – especially in the most exploited and oppressed parts of the population – a great problem for the proletariat and the broad masses of the people.

However, no matter how often we try to forget or repress these problems, they will persist and become even bigger. In this case each of us has it in his own hands. Perhaps it seems to be the easiest way to get high and numb yourself every weekend to the point of being unconscious. And then look forward to the next intoxication during the upcoming working week rather than facing our responsibilities and tasks that we have in our lives.

But this apparent “freedom” is nothing but an illusion and self-deception! It is the ruling class which makes life difficult for us every day. And this is what they; the bosses, the politicians, the state, rejoice in and laugh about. But why? Its good for them when the masses are getting wasted and if the problems that their broken system produces are more likely to be suppressed by the use of drugs instead of calling the responsible ones accountable, defending themselves and combating this system. The rulers don’t need to be afraid of those who flee into intoxication because they are easy to control then.

“Because the war on drugs, is just a war on us –
and the wrong time to see it is when you in them cuffs “
– Dead Prez – Can’t sell dope forever

When these hypocrites speak about the “war on drugs,” it is nothing but a brazen lie because they are hand in hand with those criminal structures that control the production and trade of drugs in large parts. Partly by direct involvement of state structures in drug gangs as in the case of many regimes in Latin America which are closely allied to the USA. Partly by granting these gangs access to certain regions or city districts. Those areas in which revolutionary forces that seriously oppose the system and sometimes bring them into real distress are especially strong. Thus, the majority of black districts in the large cities of the USA, where revolutionary organizations such as the Black Panther Party had built up a strong mass base in the struggle against racist and colonial oppression by US imperialism in the late 1960s and into the 1970s became a home of crack addicts and a battlefield of rivaling drug-gangs during the 1980s. All this under the contented glances and also with the active help of the US government. Another example: the Turkish metropolis Istanbul. In Istanbul the fascist state ignores the activities of drug gangs in the poorer labor districts that are controlled by the various revolutionary forces. The armed confrontations with the gangs now caused several deaths among the revolutionaries.

In addition to this open and covert support for drug crimes the imperialists and their handlers also benefit from the “war on drugs” they have called for. With this justification, it has been possible for the state to intensify the persecution of people who have struggled against the bourgeois state for decades. For example, by increased presence of police forces in the working districts or even more perfected technical monitoring measures. These measures are above all of those who have nothing in this system anyway: the proletariat and the masses of the people, which in this way are to be prevented from the revolutionary struggle.

We don’t want to give a sermon here. What we want is a militant youth who doesn’t put up with the mess of the imperialists. For this a physically and mentally fit youth is needed, which doesn’t depend on artificially generated highs and their pretended feeling of individual freedom! Drugs let us think that everything is possible for the individual. But genuine chances arise through the values of our class, the proletariat: steadfastness, cohesion and solidarity!

If we realize that we are about to get displaced from our neighborhoods, that the rules we have to live with are dictated to us from above and that we can’t live happily in spite of hard work, we can’t just watch this happening. It has always been like that and this rebellion runs in our blood.

Freedom is only achievable through the common struggle!

Freedom through intoxication is only self-deception – defend yourself and fight against this system!

This system is broken. Don’t let yourself down!

“We should be brave slaves, we should be biddable
have nothing and say nothing. Our Answer: No!
(..) Politics means treason and lies,
of fat-fed pigs in tailor-made suits.
Unity justice and freedom? No
Hypocrisy injustice and cowardice “
– Fard and Snaga – Talion 45

Let’s take a look at the society we live in and at what kind of people are produced by this broken system – whether it’s human scum like the child molester Silvio S., murderer of Mohammed and Elias, or the nazipig Christoph S., who urinated onto two migrant children in the train or the huge amount of junkies at Kottbusser Tor in Kreuzberg, Berlin or a lot of drugged hipsterkids at Warschauer Street. These are just a few examples of what kind of people are produced by this system.

And what do they tell us day by day? What kind of nonsense is given to us and primarily whose interests are behind it?

These are not our values!

“I live in a world where you are a bastard full of envy,
your employer is a friend and your neighbor is your enemy,
who is satisfied with wheat-beer and bread,
here honesty is punished but stinginess is rewarded “
– Bosca – In einer Welt // In a world

At an early stage we are trying to internalize the seemingly important values and norms of this society. In spite of the usual phrases of “tolerance” and “humanity”, the reality shows which “values” are really important in this system. We are told that every single person can “do it” if he or she only works hard enough. “To do it” means nothing more than to make the most of your personal interests within the system so as not to perish in it. Even if statistics prove the opposite – for example when it comes to advancement and success opportunities of children from ordinary working-class families, especially migrants – compared to children whose parents have studied.

In this system it is clear that not everyone can make it, otherwise the absolute majority of people would not have to sell their labor force under even more fucked up conditions in order to keep themselves alive and feed their families, while it is a tiny amount of exploiters in the boss chairs that only take its place by letting other people work for themselves and for the companies’ profits.

What they want to convey to us with their lies, is that each one of us appears to be only interested in being able to come out on top as an individual here, in order to reach an as high as possible position. Even at school, we are raised up with competitive thinking and selfishness; to become single-minded people who can only make their way to “their goal” through elbow mentality.

Not that we as pupils, students, workers and unemployed – as oppressed and exploited – are not interested in a common goal. We have a common goal and interest that is no longer to be exploited and no longer remaining slaves …

Other so-called “values” that we are taught here are subservience and blind obedience to the superiors, the state, their laws and henchman. In short – we should submit to this system and all its instruments and shut up even if we don’t like it. If we don’t do that, cops, prosecutors and intelligence agencies will hunt us.

So what we should see and be clear about is that we are only given the values that serve this broken system and are needed to keep it alive.

“They used our fear to create the collective enemy –
but your brother was the enemy, the result: collective suffering.”
– B-Lash – Ball die Faust zu einem Stein // Ball the fist to a stone

It is the same with the images of the enemies that the rulers create to divide the people. Islamophobia and racism are promoted by politics and the media. The rulers are laughing when the people oppose and fight each other instead of directing dissatisfaction and hate towards them – the real cause of all these problems. If you are a part of the oppressed masses then there is one thing that connects us: the common enemy – this broken system which exploits and subjugates us. We have a common goal – breaking this system completely.

Your TV is lying to you – don’t be fooled!

“Perfectly structured persecution of the people
but only until the day of the revolt “
– Hanybal – Tagesschau // News

Whether we like it or not, advertising for shit that we don’t need is shown everywhere and every day in the streets, in the subway or broadcasted on radio or television. Whether it’s the latest IPhone, beauty tips from anorexic models, gambling or the latest celebrity news. All this gives us the impression that detached of our class background or our rank in society we all had the same interests – whether it’s the banker who sees the street advertisement from the window of his penthouse office or the worker who is confronted with it every morning on his way to his workplace. What they are trying to conceal here is that the interests of the people are always directed to the reality of their life. The oppressed people have their own interests which are completely opposed to the interests of the rulers and the rich. It does not matter if they look at the same faces on the advertising placards day by day.

The advertising is just an example of many. On television they show us difficult relationships, broken families or badly educated young people – sad and miserable “destinies” of individuals who are supposed to produce compassion on the one hand and and on the other hand make us believe we are doing well, as long as it is not that fucked up.

What is sold to us here as “our culture” is for the most part inconsequential shit without – or usually even with false – statements. Some preach a lifestyle of money, women, drugs and status symbols; others sing about how easygoing and beautiful life is. Real problems that imperialism produces as the governing system over the people are either completely concealed or if undeniable just slightly brought up, but usually depicted as a personal suffering. Thus the root of these problems is concealed and the real interests of the masses are taken out of any political context.

Where relevant social problems are reinterpreted into individual destinies, the situation forces more and more people into depression, drug addiction and abuse of pharmaceuticals, or even to commit suicide in the worst case.

“Parents are failing, the values are shifting,
Children becoming sluts and are fed by drugs “
– Gzuz – Guck mich um // Look around

Our “role models” are nowadays any celebrities we only know from television or the internet. In the vast majority of cases the lives of these people have nothing to do with ours nevertheless we should identify with them.

Instead of finding out who is making more money, driving the most expensive car and having a new partner every week, we should ask ourselves who really deserves to be seen as a role model. Our role models should be people who embody and convey important values: sincerity, honesty, fighting spirit and solidarity – people we owe something. People who have faced and challenged the problems we have, who have been struggling and are still struggling, and have earned our prestige by doing so honorably.

Who tells us this shit and why?

“You are doing politics, but have never been down,
look into our faces and see the hate sparkling,
you do politics but you fear being out on our streets
in fear of Germany’s children waiting for you “
– DeineLtan – Ihr macht Politik // You do politics

In order to understand the connections and to understand the respective interests which are behind these whole examples, we must ask ourselves: Who is telling us all this crap every day, and who tries to incite and manipulate us from a very early age on?

We don’t have to talk about it – it is the rulers of this system. Those who are responsible for the oppression and exploitation of the people in our country. But not only that – they are the ones who will carry out their interests everywhere on earth with all consistency. They are attacking and starting wars all over the world in the name of the FRG and NATO for raw materials, trade routes and expansion, while plundering, assassinating and raping people.

Their interest is to preserve their power – that means, the exploitation and suppression of a large part of the population. And also not even allowing resentment, fighting the resistance or stifle it in a seminal state, should it take unpleasant forms for the system and become really dangerous to it.

And, as we have described above, they also try to shape people’s interests. They don’t want a self-conscious, critical and combative youth. No, they want the exact opposite.

They want drug junkies, who prefer going to partys and suppressing their problems through intoxication rather than showing strength and tackling them. They want egoists who only strive for their personal interests and not for the well-being of others. They want people who have given up, who don’t care about nothing because they think that you can’t change anything anyway. People full of self-compassion who are sitting in front of the TV and eating unhealthy shit. They create enmity among the masses because they want to see people fighting each other instead of looking up recognizing and rebelling against the common enemy!

Whether it is the school system whose curricula is dictated by politicians and economic committees, the media which is led by the big companies, or the politics, which is also the expression of this predatory economic system. We know: The shit that is sold as values to us is a mean of our enemies to keep us down and enslave us so as to maintain and consolidate their power.

But we will never be the way they want us to be!

Don’t believe the lies of the exploiters and don’t let them make you victims of this system!

Stay fit – defend yourself and fight back!

We have realized that they are fooling us day by day, and we know how happy the rulers are when we believe the crap they tell us in the media, when we eat the shit they serve us and when we meet the dissatisfaction rather with drugs instead of rising up.

But is that enough? Do we really want to be the tame little sheep they try to raise in their filthy system? Perhaps you have realized that we – the absolute majority of people – are being enslaved and robbed here but are not doing anything against it?

We say no! And for us, there is only one way: We – all those who are experiencing this misery every day – we must stand up and rebel, we must fight and smash this system together to build a new society together.

We were never given anything! Whether simple rights or real social progress, all of this has been hard-fought over history, not by cowards or egoists who were only interested in their own well-being or from people who chilled in front of the TV, went shopping or got high.

So why is anyone interested in any celebrity star from the television or the charts and his crappy richmans life? Our role models are fighters, simple people like us who haven’t just made themselves comfortable in a broken society, but have shown courage and rebelled against injustice and oppression.

Hence we must learn from our history and the history of other countries. Wherever people have been exploited and oppressed there also has been and still is resistance and fierce struggle against it.

Don’t become a vicitim, but keep your head and body fit. Do not believe the lies they spread, but educate and train yourself and among each other. Don’t agitate against each other and become divided by politics and the media because that’s what the rulers want. We are not united by skin color, nationality or something similar – we are united through oppression. Young people, workers, students and pupils, especially the migrants and women among us. And this struggle unites us because we all won’t accept this wordlessly.

But a clear head alone is not enough. This system is strong and well organized and that is exactly what we have to be, too, if we want to fight it and smash it. Exercise and train your body! Their false values such as selfishness and cowardice must be countered by our real values. We must be honest, humble, upright and determined. Show courage, help each other, and oppose them with proudness!

We do not regard the culture that is given to us here as ours and so we must use our own proletarian, combative culture, displaying and developing it. There are enough examples of the fact that our culture is not only history in these days. In our class we have a lot of artists who respond to our problems in their music and reflect our interests. Graffiti tags and pieces as well as slogans with hate for the rulers adorn the streets of our neighbourhoods. And that is exactly what we must promote, transfer to other areas and drive forward. Organize, join the Jugendwiderstand!

We are many and we are full of hatred for this system.

To suppress a horde of ignorant cowards is easy, but how about controlling a mass of organized and determined fighters?

Don’t destroy yourself – Destroy your enemy!

Live simple – Fight hard!


C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.