Cadres Of CPI Maoist Stall Construction Of Ten Watchtowers In Palamu Tiger Reserve

Construction of ten multipurpose watch towers in Kutku range of tiger reserve Palamu is held up because of CPI Maoists’ intervention. Sources said the Maoists fear that these watch towers will be used by the security forces to locate them from a safe and high distance. Sources said North division of tiger reserve Palamu where this Kutku range falls in is to construct 50 such towers. Work on as many as 40 has begun.  It’s only 10 towers in Kutku range that is facing resistance from Maoists.

A K Mishra deputy director North division PTR conceded that 10 multipurpose watch towers in Kutku range are not under construction following resistance from the Maoists who do not want this to come up fearing this high rise tower will make them most vulnerable. Work on remaining 40 towers is in normal speed he added. Sources said an equal number of watch towers is coming up in south division. Here too Naxals threw the spanner when a ranger was manhandled and a tractor was set afire in the South division.

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