Turkey : People’s Front – International Relations Commitee – “The DHKC Fighters Killed In Dersim Are Immortal!”

AKP fascism is continuing the bombing of the Dersim mountains and the massacre of the children of the people. On December 28, we received the news about the killing of two DHKC fighter during an operation. Only one day later, we learn about the name of one guerilla. We’ve received the news about the martyrdom of Leyla Aracı and Mahir Bektaş of DHKC Dersim Rural Guerilla Unit.

The reason why the people’s enemy AKP is hiding the names of our martyrs is because they want to prevent us from holding a worthy burial for them. They want to prevent us from burying our martyrs into the ground and our hearts with our slogans and marches, the yellow starred and red flag of The Front.

The killers won’t celeberate, if one of our comrade is killed dozens will take the path of the mountains. Those who announce that The Front guerillas on the mountains of Dersim are finished, can’t drag our people’s to despair! We have raised our banner on those mountains already… We will continue to fight until our banner will flap on your mountains!

Just as our fighters have fought until their last bullet and did not surrender, we will also continue our struggle until the day of victory. On March 30 in 1970 Mahir Çayan was killed in Kızıldere, but today he lives on with Mahir Bektaş.

Leyla Aracı Is Immortal!
Mahir Bektaş Immortal!
We Will Bring The Enemies Of The People To Account!

People’s Front – International Relations Commitee

C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.