NPA Statement On Recent Actions In Negros Occidental Province

Cecil Estrella | Spokesperson | NPA-Northern Negros (Roselyn Jean Pelle Command)

August 10, 2023

A unit of the Roselyn Jean Pelle Command-New People’s Army (RJPC-NPA) Northern Negros Guerrilla Front successfully seized four assault rifles, ammunition and a .45 caliber pistol after an ambush on a patrol vehicle carrying 10 police personnel of the Calatrava Municipal Police Station, including its deputy police chief, Capt. Jesus Alba.

Red fighters mounting the ambush at Sitio Calanugan, Barangay Minapasuk, Calatrava, Negros Occidental province, yesterday, August 9 at around 9:40AM, used selective rifle fire and a command-detonated explosive to ensure the safety of civilians aboard the canter truck and rescue vehicle accompanying the patrol vehicle.

The NPA ambush killed a policeman, identified as PCpl. Jaime Nuñez Jr. of Barangay Tinampaan, Cadiz City, and wounded three others, Calatrava Deputy Chief PCapt. Alba PCpl. Dennis Nasis and Police Staff Sergeant Frank Caballero. The rest of the policemen were shocked and rattled, and scampered away from the killing zone without effecting any countermeasure.

Earlier, past 5:00AM, 3 kilometers from the ambush site, the same unit enforced the death verdict of the People’s Revolutionary Court for the capital crime of espionage and related grave offenses on Elisio Mahilum and Felix Resotay Sr at Sitio Batyogon, Barangay Minapasuk, Calatrava, Negros Occidental province. The two were active intelligence assets involved in the AFP’s brutal counter-insurgency operations victimizing civilians. They served as guides in combat operations and provided reconnaissance on suspected NPA encampments, as well as, surveillance on civilians arbitrarily accused as NPA members or sympathizers.

The death verdict was promulgated two years ago after a fair and impartial trial, but enforced only recently to give them ample time to mend their ways and cease their anti-people counterrevolutionary activities.

These recent successive military actions in Calatrava only showed the initiative, flexibility and mobility of NPA units implementing guerrilla warfare to confront and frustrate the vicious attacks of the AFP and PNP mainly on farmer communities in the hinterland of Negros Island.

Amidst the desperate military and psywar attacks of state forces, it is the justness of people’s war that fuels the RJPC-NPA and the revolutionary masses in northern Negros to persist in consolidating and expanding its ranks. Government claims of “dismantled” and “weakened” guerrilla fronts and “remnant” fighters are insubstantial to the Negros masses who are continually seeking justice and liberation from a century-old oppressive and exploitative system.

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