NDFP-Negros Island Statement In Eulogy Of CPP Founding Chairperson Jose Maria Sison

Bayani Obrero | Spokesperson | NDF-Negros Island | National Democratic Front Of The Philippines

December 18, 2022

We, the revolutionary forces in Negros, render the highest tribute to Communist Party of the Philippines’ founder, Comrade Jose Maria Sison (then known as Ka Amado Guerrero), who passed away last December 16 at 83 years old. We thank Ka Joma and all revolutionary martyrs and heroes deeply for their selfless service to the people and the revolution.

We express our sympathies to his family and friends, especially Comrade Juliet de Lima and their children, to the entire revolutionary forces in the country, and the exploited and oppressed Filipino people whom Ka Joma greatly cherished. We all mourn the death of a great communist thinker, leader, teacher, internationalist, and guide of the Filipino proletariat.

The imperialists and local reactionaries will keep prating that the CPP and revolutionary movement will now crumble and armed revolution will cease because of Ka Joma’s demise. Our class enemies overlook the fact that Ka Joma’s legacy is deathless and burns in every Filipino revolutionary. His vast contributions to the Philippine revolution and the international communist movement will reverberate in every victory achieved in the national democratic revolution until the ultimate goal of communism.

We, Negrosanon revolutionaries inflamed by the everlasting inspiration from Ka Joma and all revolutionary martyrs and heroes, declare our collective resolve to defeat the current US-Marcos II regime. With all Filipino proletarian revolutionaries, we will carry out the new democratic and socialist stages of the Philippine revolution in order to contribute to the resurgence, advance and ultimate victory of the world proletarian revolution.

Hail the glorious contributions of Comrade Jose Maria Sison!

Carry forward through protracted people’s war the national democratic stage of the Philippine revolution!

Source : https://philippinerevolution.nu/statements/ka-joma-lives-on-in-every-victory-achieved-in-the-national-democratic-revolution-until-the-ultimate-goal-of-communism/