Galicia: A book on Operation “Green Hunt” released

The “Asociación Internacionalismo Proletario” of Galicia has just released a book -in Galician language- by social anthropologist and well-known trade unionist Adolfo Naya, entitled; Operation “Green Hunt”: The genocidal social practices of the counterinsurgency strategy “Hearts and Minds”, being their original title: Operación “Cacería Verde”: As prácticas sociais xenocidas da estratexia de contrainsurxencia “Corazóns e Mentes”.

From the Comité de Apoio á Guerra Popular na India (Galician Committee to Support People’s War in India) we think it’s a very important study, since it proves that Operation “Green Hunt” and the policies carried out by the government of India are a genocide, not only against the Adivasis and Dalits communities but also against the Maoists.

In a comparative analysis with genocides and with the counterinsurgency strategy called “Hearts and Minds” which was applied in Malaysia, Indonesia, Guatemala, El Salvador or Peru, the author reveals the genocidal practices that this counterinsurgency strategy used in the past and in the present in the case of India.

From the Galician Committee to Support People’s War in India we recommend reading this book, not only to know what’s happening in India from a political-military perspective but also to know what this counterinsurgency strategy is like and how it was applied in many places along the world.

Here we leave some excerpts from the book -translated into English by a Redspark collaborator:

  • “In view of the characteristics writtten in this investigation, it’s quite obvious that the attacks that are carry out in India against the Adivasis and Dalit peoples -both those who peacefully resist and those belonging to the Maoist armed movement- are a genocide. It’s obvious that “in part” some national groups in India are being eliminated with the goal of altering social relations within the nation itself.”
  • “The annihilation is not spontaneous: it’s a systematic destruction destined to eliminate the “insurgent part” and transform the rest of the national groups, redefining their way of being, their social relations, their destiny and their future. It’s the annihilation of those who resist and practice another way of carry out social and economic relations. It’s the class war applied in its superior phase, genocide.”
  • “For this reason, the only alternative for the survival of Adivasis, Dalits and Naxalite militants who believe in another society is a radical change of the semi-feudal and semi-colonial society of India; as well as international support and solidarity to end this massacre and to advance in its goal of building a new society without classes, castes, racism or patriarchy.”