CPI (Maoist) Extends Support To Delhi Chalo Farmers Protest

Patiala, District, February 17, 2024: Amidst the ongoing farmer protest, the Communist Party of India (Maoist) has extended its support to the demonstrators stationed currently along the Punjab-Haryana border.

According to a copy of the press release issued by the Maoist party, the Maoists have extended their support to the one-day shutdown call given by the farmer unions on Friday, February 16.

Via the press release, the Maoist party has alleged that the incumbent union government is corporate friendly and has been treating the farmers as enemies of the State. Further, while making an appeal to the masses for their support to the said protest the Maoists in the press release alleged that the government has continued to bar the entry of the farmers at the Shambhu village border.

The press release further claimed that all the demands of the farmers are legitimate but the government is not willing to fulfill them.

Source : https://organiser.org/2024/02/17/222182/bharat/amid-security-concerns-banned-maoist-outfit-extends-support-to-delhi-chalo-march/