Chand Led CPN To Participate In Upcoming Elections In Nepal

Kathmandu, April 30, 2024: The Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) under the leadership of Netra Bikram Chand ‘Biplav’ has decided to participate in the upcoming 2024 elections to advance socialist objectives.

During a press conference in Kathmandu on Tuesday, CPN General Secretary Biplav announced that the party intends to utilize parliamentary channels to pursue socialist aspirations.

Following the CPN’s central committee meeting in Kapilvastu from April 17 to 21, Chand disclosed the party’s strategy to engage in parliamentary politics.

“We have resolved to employ the elections as a vehicle for steering the nation towards socialism while initiating a new phase of struggle,” he asserted.

Biplav emphasized the imperative for communist forces to unite by the 2024 elections.

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