Chand Led CPN Announces Week Long Protest Against Implementation Of MCC

Kathmandu, August 22, 2023: The Communist Party of Nepal (CPN), under the leadership of Netra Bikram Chand ‘Biplav’, has issued a stern caution that it will initiate a resistance movement against the United States should the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) project be carried out.

Issuing a press statement on Tuesday, Biplav warned of strong protests against the likely implementation of the US grant project MCC.

Stating that the CPN believes that if the United States genuinely intends to offer assistance, it should do so unconditionally through the channels of the Nepalese government, Biplav’s party urged the US to rethink its plots, provided it aims to implement the MCC project to establish Nepal as a military foothold.

The party announced a week-long protest as a warning against the implementation of MCC.

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