From Ang Bayan: Bangladesh Protests Close 250 Factories

Ang Bayan

November 7, 2023

More than 250 garment factories in Bangladesh closed since last week in the face of protests by thousands of workers. Workers’ anger erupted after the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA), an association of factory owners, offered a mere 25% increase in monthly minimum wages or 10,400 taka ($90) from the current 8,300 taka ($75 or ₱4,125). This is grossly below their demand for 23,000 taka ($209) monthly wage which they say is the “bare minimum” to be able to support their families. The last time there were negotiations for wage increases was in 2017.

In response, police violently broke up the protests with tear gas, sound grenades and shotgun pellets. Two workers were killed in these dispersals.

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