PFLP: Fighters Of The Resistance Axis Will Go Down In History

Palestine, October 20, 2023: The Marxist-Leninist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) confirmed in a statement on Friday that the strikes delivered by the Resistance Axis against the Zionist-American aggression forces in all fields and arenas of confrontation are “the perfect response to the aggressor camp’s persistence in a war of genocide and criminality against our nations.”

In a statement, the PFLP said, “The sacrifices made by Resistance fighters will go down in the history of our nation and the world. They are the ones who will create victory and defeat the alliance of aggression.”

“The winds of fire are storming the Israeli occupation army at the hands of the heroes of Hezbollah in Lebanon since the beginning of the aggression, while the heroes of Resistance in Iraq have risen and opened the path of targeting the bases of the American occupation; the head of all evil and aggression.”

Furthermore, the statement also highlighted that the missiles launched from Yemen reaffirmed all the meanings of the unity of the nation and reflected the meaning of synergy between the oppressed and the Resistance forces against the invading colonizers.

It also stressed that “continuing to direct strikes against the interests and bases of the Americans and its Zionist agent is what protects our people, after the United States, the UK, and France have taken the Security Council and the United Nations institutions hostage to the will and policy of US-Zionist terrorism.”

It emphasized that cohesion and rallying of nations around Palestine to protect its people, as well as unifying the acts of Resistance with those of Palestinians, will lead to the defeat of the occupation entity and “open the doors of victory and liberation.”

The Front concluded by calling for the upscaling of support for the Palestinian people, which includes besieging the embassies of the aggression forces in all countries of the world and carrying out operations against US military bases and interests “in defense of the oppressed, steadfast, and resisting Palestinian people.”

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