Manipur Maoist warns Private Hospitals and Schools

Imphal, July 27 2017: Maoist Communist Party Manipur (MCPM) today in a press release warned private hospitals and schools for charging alleged unfair fees.

It also warned the private hospitals and schools to revise their fees structure within three days and bring down the fees to a fair and acceptable amount.

The press release furthers that the fees charged by the private hospitals are unbearable to the people.

It further said that the fees should be made affordable and such hospitals should not work for profit only.

Sky Hospital and Shija Hospital among others are two hospitals which charged the highest fees the press release stated.

MCPM warns that the doctors who are working at government run hospital should focus on their duty and stop working for personal gain/profit at private hospitals.

The press release further warns the private hospitals not to employ govt. doctors.

Private school should revise their fees structure- admission fees and monthly fees within three days and stop using educational institute as business front for profit, the press release warns.


C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.