From Ang Bayan: Filipino Student Organization Denounces Relations Between The Government Of Quezon City And Israel

Ang Bayan

June 1, 2024

PUP for Palestine, a group of students from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, called on Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte to sever her office’s ties with officials of the Zionist state of Israel. The call is in line with condemning Israel and the US’ genocide against the Palestinian people. The call was made after Mayor Belmonte met with Israeli diplomats on May 28 at Quezon City Hall to discuss aid and relations between the Zionist state and the city.

“This meeting is being held as Israel is intensifying its genocide in Gaza despite millions of people taking to the streets worldwide to stop the occupation of Rafah,” PUP for Palestine said. On May 26 and May 28 Zionist Israel bombed tents in a refugee camp in Rafah.

Rafah is in the southern part of Gaza that Israel once designated a “safe zone” from its attacks and bombings. Reports said the attack killed at least 37 people, including children and women. The temporary camp where the refugees were staying in Rafah was burnt to ashes. This happened just a few days after the International Court of Justice of the United Nations ordered Israel to stop the attack on Rafah.

As of October 7, 2023, Israel has killed at least 36,000 (15,000 of which are children) in its genocidal campaign against the Palestinian people. Almost 82,000 have been injured and hundreds of thousands driven from their homes.

“We call on QC Mayor Joy Belmonte to sever all ties with Zionist Israel. Having diplomatic relations with Israel means tolerating its heinous attacks on the Palestinian people,” the group said.

They reminded the mayor of Palestinian refugees now living in Quezon City who were expelled from Gaza. They are in the country with their Filipino families and spouses.

Apart from Mayor Belmonte, PUP for Palestine urged the entire Philippine government to “cease all political, economic, academic and military ties with Israel.”

They called on the Filipino youth to act and join in the call for the complete liberation of Palestine.

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