Éirígí Community Turf Co Op.

Socialist Republican Party Éirígí, are delighted to announce the launch of our Community Turf Co Op.

The Party has been working away over the last year on a project to enhance our communities on the home heating front, communities who have been abandoned by the EU and successive Dublin governments in favour of bailing out banks and saving property developers while selling off our natural resources to International corporations and greedy Hedge funds.

The objective of the Co Op is simple, it is for our under funded communities to deliver for themselves affordable home heating services.

Turf is such a product it is Irish and natural. Our Turf Co Op will hopefully lead to more community Co Ops.

What is the Co Op ?

Éirígí Community Turf Co Op are offering Turf for sale at a low cost to families in our communitues which the state has inflicted austerity on.

To kick start the Co Op, we have our first load of turf ready for sale and distribution to your door.

Turf in a 25kg bag at €8.

Why a Turf Co Op ?

The objective is to sieze control of our lives and to cultivate our own turf in the bogs of Ireland. Cut turn and dry’ all done by us the local community.

Community Strenght

If you want more information on the Co Op with the chance of becoming a equal shareholder in the Turf Co Op project and play your part in heating our homes please contact this page or: Adrian O Raghallaigh; Sean Doyle; Padraig O Fearghail; Oisín Mac Giolla Bhríde; Seán Lafferty


C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.