CPI (Maoist) Issues Statement Supporting Palestinian Resistance Against Israeli Invasion Of Gaza

New Delhi, December 1, 2023: The Communist Party of India (Maoist), has extended its support to Hamas in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. The Maoist party, through banners and a press note, made an appeal to the masses to support the cause of Palestine in the ongoing deadly conflict in the Middle East.

In a press note issued on December 1, the spokesperson of the Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee (DSZC) of the Maoist party, Comrade Vikalp, said that more than half of the infrastructure of Gaza has been demolished in the ongoing Israeli attack, while 70 per cent of the population has been forced to migrate, including women and children.

Further, around 15000 people have been killed, while supplies of essentials like food, water, gas and electricity coming into Gaza have been prohibited by Israel after the attack was launched around one and half months ago. The situation is horrific, read the press note.

The majority of the people are in favor of ending this genocide and the masses of countries like the USA, France and England, despite their respective governments stand to support Israel, have hit the streets in favor of Palestine. Even the majority of our countrymen have identified this is as a genocide and wants it to end, though the Brahminical, Fascist, Hindutva Government led by Narendra Modi have not only chosen to stand behind Israel and America but also has banned protest in favor of Palestine, claimed the Maoist party in the press note.

The Maoists further claimed that the people living in the tribal dominated remote regions of Dandakaranya are also protesting against the Americans in favor of Palestine. The Maoist party spokesperson in the press note has further claimed that despite the fact that the majority of the countries want the war to end, the United States wants it to be escalated for its own economical and political benefits. The Maoists further claimed that Israel has bought weapons worth 30 billion dollars since the beginning of the war and the countries standing with Israel are doing so for their own benefit.

Further the Maoists alleged that ‘the countries supporting Israel have no sensitivity towards the ongoing genocide, our government is one of them. Hundreds of children and women are being killed by the powerful in a place, however, our Prime Minister is busy celebrating Deepawali and attending cricket matches.’ The Maoists further alleged that the prime minister is not extending humanitarian help to Palestine and not showing sensitivity towards the workers trapped in the Uttarkashi tunnel incident.

The Maoists in the press note further demanded a permanent end to the war and a permanent solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict. In the end the Maoists, while terming Israel a puppet state forcibly created by the Americans and the British, asserted that a secular Palestinian state should be created by eradicating Israel. The Maoist party’s spokesperson also stressed on the need for holding the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, his party and army generals as war criminals.

Source : https://organiser.org/2023/12/01/208932/bharat/hours-ahead-of-plga-week-maoists-extend-support-to-hamas-bat-for-creation-of-sole-palestinian-state/