Netherlands, Utrecht: Building People’s Power in the neighborhood: a STP-Charlotte comrade tells their experiences

A comrade from the US will tell us about his experiences with Serve The People, a community organisation that aims at meeting the direct demands of the most oppressed parts of the working class in the neighbourhoods.

STP is a solidarity organisation, explicitly not a charity. The base of the organisation is among other things anti-capitalism, anti-racism and proletarian feminism. Comrade Space Baby will tell about his experiences: what does community organizing mean in a time of upcoming fascism? How to combine building people’s power in the neighbourhoods with principles such as anti-imperialism?

STP is an organisation with chapters throughout the US; the one in Charlotte is relatively new. STP is organized based upon Maoist principles.

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Where: NDF Office (Amsterdamsestraatweg 50, Utrecht)
When: Tuesday Augustus 29
What time: opens (with food) 7pm, starts 7.30pm
Who: you

C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.