Germany: Unannounced demonstration in Flensburg: “Free Palestine!”

This Saturday we held an unannounced demonstration in Flensburg under the slogan “Fight against imperialism – Free Palestine!”

With determination and shouting aloud, the demo moved through the working district of Flensburg Neustadt, where it was received very positively.

Many of the residents, including children, stayed at the windows with Palestinian flags, and even joined the demonstration.

Imperialism kills day by day all over the world.

We express our solidarity with all the oppressed of this world. The exploiting systems of murderous governments, such as the State of Israel, must be combated.

We want to thank our Berlin comrades of Jugendwiderstand (Youth Resistance), the Revolutionary Collectives of Hamburg and Dresden for their support.

Long live International Solidarity!

Red Front!










Translated into English by Redspark
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