From Ang Bayan: People Across The World Condemn Israel For Massacre Of Palestinians Queuing For Food Aid

Ang Bayan

March 2, 2024

People worldwide condemned Israeli for another massacre, this time involving the deaths of 112 Palestinians queuing for food aid in North Gaza on March 1. An additional 750 were wounded when Israeli bullets rained down on people gathered in a convoy of United Nations aid trucks delivering flour. The so-called “flour massacre” is the latest of the thousands of massacres carried out by Israeli forces in Gaza since October 7, 2023. It clearly aims to kill Palestinians, either directly with bombs and bullets, or by slow death through starvation.

“The massacre has made it clear to everyone that the depravity of Zionist Israel knows no bounds,” the International League of Peoples’ Struggle said. The group also condemned the imperialist countries, especially the US, which are key to sustaining Israel’s genocide in Gaza. Recently, the US government approved more weapons, bombs and military aid for the Zionist campaign.

“No amount of insincere display of concern from (US Pres) Biden can cover up their direct involvement in the war crimes of Israel,” according to the group. The Zionist state of Israel is the “face of US imperialism” in the Middle East. Its barbarism is condoned and fueled by US unquestioning support. This includes the US blocking a resolution for a ceasefire in Gaza for the third time in the past month.

Apart from the US, ILPS also condemned other “enablers” of genocide. One of them is the government of The Netherlands, which recently agreed to send parts for the F-16s. These warplanes are used by Israel in its bombing of civilian infrastructure and communities in Gaza. Another is Germany, which sent $328 million in aid to support the genocidal campaign.

ILPS calls for the continued resistance of people around the world. “It remains our duty to resist,” it said, especially now that Israel prepares to invade Rafah at the start of Ramadan.

According to the group, the people have proven that their strength lies in collective action, uniting communities and movements to expose and oppose the US and Israel both domestically and globally.

“The US-Israel war machine is the enemy,” it said. “As internal divisions grow and political pressure mounts on Israel and the United States, we must push back harder and intensify our efforts further.”

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