NPA: Fascist Duterte Regime Refuse To Declare Ceasefire For Christmas And New Year Holidays

December 11, 2020: The fascist blood and brain-gunpowder of the fascist regime Duterte was fully revealed by announcing that it would not declare a ceasefire with the CPP-NPA-NDFP during the Christmas and New Year traditionally declared as a tribute to the celebration of Christians on this important day. The revolutionary movement fully expects Duterte’s warlike declaration so it is not surprising that he will say that he will be a total fighter until the end of his term and will not declare any ceasefire.

With his declaration that there will be no ceasefire this Christmas, it becomes increasingly clear to the people who is the real terrorist and violent.Malacañang’s decision is contrary to the strong call of the UN and the people of the world for a ceasefire by the warring forces now that there is a pandemic.

Duterte’s statement is a speech by a greedy dictator who relies on the use of repression and violence to maintain himself and his subjects and finally establish his absolute terrorist rule. Because of the extreme desperation to consume his opponents, there is nothing more important to Duterte than to fulfill his crazy dream of pulverizing the revolutionary movement. It is reckless to violate the conscious Filipino culture and traditions and to ignore the demands of the people in the midst of the humanitarian crisis caused by the pandemic and the series of disasters that hit the country.

No one else was pleased with Duterte’s statement but the assassins of the AFP-PNP generals who were eager to make money by killing the revolutionaries and critics of the regime. On the other hand, ordinary soldiers and policemen are tired of struggling to reach the quota set for them by Duterte and the AFP-PNP executioners. They were denied the opportunity to be with their relatives and friends as high-ranking officials and bureaucrats of the regime indulged in embezzled funds and lavish feasts this holiday season.

The regime’s arrogant declaration of a worse attack on the people and a more serious violation of human rights treaties and war laws is a sign. It is only now that the people are feeling Duterte’s Christmas terrorism. In the countryside, military and police operations continue to strike. The people’s funds continue to be squandered by flying helicopters, buying weapons and ammunition and spending long-term evacuations to communities. The struggling people in the cities are facing ongoing surveillance, harassment, red-tagging and killings by police and state agents.

The fascist regime is also relentless in its forced surrender of the peasant masses, indigenous and youth as alleged members of the CPP-NPA. They are victims of state intimidation used by military officials for gratuities and rank promotions.

Whether or not the GRP declares a ceasefire, the NPA is always ready to fight the fascist troops especially since history has proven that SOMO and SOPO of the AFP-PNP exist only on paper. MGC instructs all NPA units in Southern Tagalog to further prepare to defend and thwart the regime’s assassinations and insurgent attacks in the remaining days of 2020. Each NPA unit must handle the posture of active defense to effectively defend themselves and the people against state terrorism.

Whatever the regime’s clever plan, the revolutionary movement and the people will surely fail. The NPA will bravely face the attacks of the AFP-PNP until the fascist Duterte is ousted. They are tiger roles that will surely fall on the strong unity of the Party, the People’s Army and the people and on the revolutionary aspiration to build a democratic, free and prosperous Philippines.

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