CPP to Duterte on threat to bomb Lumad schools

To the Madman Duterte: Nice try. You thought you could still fool the people with your grandstanding and phrasemongering. Having been rebuked by the people’s jeers, you threaten to drop bombs on the Lumad schools. You threaten to kill the children. You are the lowest of the low.

You are a madman with bombs. You are a bully. An arrogant street thug intoxicated with power. But you only pick on the weak, the small and the oppressed. You bomb their homes, shell their communities and expect them to bow to your power. You exercise power but only against the powerless.

But you are a weakling when faced with the powerful. You cannot even keep your word to stop the mining companies that poison and plunder the land. The NPA has done much more than you in defending the country’s patrimony.

You have bowed to China. Stuffed with $24 billion of Chinese loans, your big mouth is big no more. You have practically surrendered the country’s rights. Not a whimper from you while China transformed the Spratly islands into their military fortress.

You have bowed to the US imperialists. You have zero pride when you allowed the American military officials to direct the operations in Marawi to bounty-hunt for Hapilon and waste the lives of “your soldiers.” You beat your chest and order to bomb Marawi and lick the boots of the US military for providing you the rifles and jetfighters.

One year of death and destruction is enough. The people demand an end to all your fascist madness.

Source: https://www.philippinerevolution.info/statements/20170725-cpp-to-duterte-on-threat-to-bomb-lumad-schools

C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.