On Duterte’s threat to impose Martial Law

As if the wholesale murder and mass arrests of innocent civilians is not enough, Duterte is desperately dangling the imposition of Martial Law in Negros “to quell lawless violence engulfing the island”.

Duterte is not yet satisfied with de facto Martial Law in Negros through the implementation of Executive Order 70, Memorandum Order 32, and Oplan Sauron. Duterte wants to formally declare Martial Law over the island and even nationwide to solidify his dictatorial rule. It is exactly this militarist approach that escalated the violence and furthered the repression and oppression of the people.

The power-hungry and bloodthirsty butchers in the AFP, headed by B.Gen Ignacio Madriaga and B.Gen Benedict Arevalo, are too eager to implement Martial Law in the island. The fascist mercenaries can’t even hide their excitement to once again terrorize Negrenses with relentless harassment and unbridled atrocities.

To the fascist dogs, let it be known that the NPA is more than ready to punish the most rabid perpetrators of state sponsored killings and to defend the people. Revolutionary justice will be attained for the families and kins of victims.

Duterte’s war against the revolutionary movement is in fact a war against the people. The toiling masses are growing restless and are ever more hungry for revolutionary change.

The NPA is fighting a just war and it becomes even more just as it confronts a brutal and tyrannical regime. The broad masses of the people understand and live by the justness of this war for there is no other solution to end the violence and oppression by the state.

The collective strength of the people will thwart the Duterte regime’s dream of tyrannical rule. Now more than ever, we must resolutely forward the people’s war to end Duterte’s reign of terror.

Dionesio Magbuelas
NPA-Negros Island (Mt. Cansermon Command)
New People’s Army

source: https://cpp.ph/statement/on-dutertes-threat-to-impose-martial-law/

C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.