Manipur : MCPM – Down with people’s ennemies Utlou Chaoba & Yumnam Joykumar !

Pathetically & ironically it was and is very obvious that the cold blooded executioner, Mr Yumnam Joykumar-Ex DGP, who rampaged Manipur during the infamous dark tenure of O.Ibobi, is not only given sanctuary & refuge but is also projected to be a candidate of the BJP in the coming election.

This act of Utlou Chaoba or Thounaojam Chaoba, who happens to be the chief of the election Committee BJP, is a brazen defiance of the Maoist Communist Party Manipur, who have declared the cold blooded executioner as an “Enemy of the State”. Mr Utlou Chaoba who is currently camping at Delhi is well aware of the fact that Mr Y.Joykumar is under the radar of the law because of the genocide he led and that of the 1528 cases of fake encounters currently under investigations and pending at the Supreme court of India.

In spite of his involvement in these heinous crime against Humanity (Manipuris),the defiance shown by Mr Utlou Chaoba is something which we Maoist Communist Party Manipur can neither forgive nor forget. If the money collected from the contesting candidates of his party, the BJP , can mask his ears from the wails of the kit & kin of the unfortunate victims, whose tears have not even dried up, we will make sure Mr Utlou Chaoba also taste his own dose of medicine.

After all what goes around comes around. In a reminder to Utlou Chaoba that his act of greed & nepotism in nurturing a killer of humanity is against the will of the people of Manipur, a unit of our urban guerrilla team launched an assault at Utlou and this assault of ours is not only to Mr Utlou Chaoba but also to the whole BJP in general. There will be no further warning henceforth after this and any loss of lives, limbs or any collateral damage will be purely rest on the shoulder of Utlou Chaoba and ilk.

The Maoist Communist Party Manipur will not even blink their eyes and will keep an eye on these individuals including their party workers who are working against the will of the people. The public should also be aware that Mr Utlou Chaoba is the first and the only person in the history of Manipur to have been imprisoned because of rampant & massive corruption.

Apart from this wolf in the sheep’s clothing, there are also individuals in his party who were notorious for corruption and one of them was even shot as a punishment. How thugs can become Saints overnight and leopards cannot change their spots? The path taken by Utlou Chaoba and ilk is based on existing only for today while we all die tomorrow – a very selfish visionless move. He and all involved should take this as a warning and to immediately refrain themselves from shielding a cold blooded killer.

Following the famous June uprising a decade ago, there was a sea of change in the political arena of Manipur. The Congress in alliance with CPI formed the Secular Progressive Front and it was during the reign of this SPF, that many a mother lost their sons, many women became widows overnight while many children became fatherless or even orphans.

The Manipur Forward Youth Front (MAFYF) was however one frontal organization who stood against the SPF as MAFYF was instrumental in launching many an agitation & protest against the barbaric rule of SPF, the workers of MAFYF were as expected, like that of any autocracy, discriminated and hunted. It was following these injustice meted out to the workers of MAFYF that Maoist Communist Party Manipur came into existence in the history of Manipur and will remain encrypted as a party who stood against any colonialism and injustice.

The strategy of MCPM should not however be taken as a tactical support to any party and for that matter to any political party including the defunct and toothless & useless CPI of Manipur. This is a rejoinder to the public that the MCPM even was & were against the CPI in Manipur too and earlier when they acted in defiance of the will of the people, we even gave them exemplary punishment.

Our only sole objective is to weed out killers who acted against humanity and who are the enemies of the state. The MCPM is not interested nor are we going to indulge in scoring brownie points or will we support any political groups. The MCPM will however not remain deaf, dumb or blind to any oppression, injustice or any crime against the people of Manipur and any action taken up by the MCPM should be shouldered by the individual or the concerned party.

Lastly the MCPM ardently request the public to support such movement of ours to weed out the enemies’ of the state as our struggle is not for us only but for all of us.

(Kyonghan Mangang)
Coordinator, Standing Committee,
Maoist Communist Party-Manipur.

C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.