From Ang Bayan: Honor The Fallen Revolutionaries Of Pantabangan

Ang Bayan

June 28, 2024

The New People’s Army (NPA)-Central Luzon (Josepino Corpuz Command) pays tribute to 10 Red fighters and commanders who fell in a defensive battle in Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija on June 26. According to the unit, the martyrs bravely faced the enemy and held their ground with full determination in the said battle until their last breath.

“We are deeply saddened by the fall of these brilliant and valiant cadres of the Party and people’s army. We extend our tight embrace and deepest condolences to the families, friends, comrades, and the masses who truly loved them,” the NPA-Central Luzon stated.

The martyrs were identified as Hilario Guiuo (Ka Berting/Tonyo), Harold Menosa (Ka Luzon), Marian Castro (Ka Lunti), Archie Arceta (Ka Soral/Teo), Asaze Galang (Ka Shyla/Cha), Pepito Bautista (Ka Dylan), Noel Bedonia (Ka Eric/Tagumpay), Noel Bedonia Jr (Ka Angel), Reynan Mendoza (Ka Mel), and Angelika Villalon (Ka Molly). The unit said the 10 came from different generations and classes, from the ranks of farmers, semi-proletariat, drivers, church people, and student youth.

“Our grief, hate, and anger towards the military butchers for their overkill are immeasurable,” the regional unit of the NPA said.

The unit said the vast mountains of Sierra Madre bear witness to the pure hearts of the martyrs who were ready to offer their strength, intelligence, and lives to the indigenous Dumagat, Igorot, Aeta, and peasant masses who continue to be mired in the roots of poverty in the country.

“The significance of their lives is as heavy as Sierra Madre, their contribution to the triumph of the people’s war is as wide as the plains of Central Luzon, the people’s veneration of their heroism is as tall and lush as the trees in the forest,” the unit added.

The unit further stated that no matter how bad the AFP butchers portray them, the military cannot erase their golden contribution in advancing the interests and welfare of the people.

“Let us honor our heroes every day. Although 10 valiant warriors of the NPA-Central Luzon have fallen, this will not stop the people’s war to build-up in the Philippines because the reasons for revolution remain, the situation is ripe for the oppressed and exploited people to continue fighting,” the unit said.

The NPA-Central Luzon extended its condolences to all the relatives, friends, comrades and acquaintances of the fallen fighters.

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) also paid tribute to the martyrs of Pantabangan. “The Party recognizes the sacrifices and lives offered by the martyrs of Pantabangan in selfless service to the Filipino people and their goal for national democracy and its socialist perspective,” Marco Valbuena, the Party’s information officer, said.

“They embodied the communist spirit of giving their all for the working class and toiling masses. They shouldered the mountain of tasks for advancing the revolution in their respective fields of responsibility,” he added.

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