CPI Maoist Spokesperson Jagan Demands Reimplementation Of GO 3

Kothagudem: The CPI (Maoist) Party spokesperson Jagan has demanded the re-implementation of GO No 3 that allows cent percent reservations for tribals in Scheduled areas.

In a statement released here on Friday, he sought 100 per cent reservations for Adivasis in agency villages. In the past, non-tribals used to work in agency villages as Adivasis were uneducated, but now Adivasi children are getting educated and are eligible for jobs.

He said a few feudal minded persons approached the Supreme Court (SC) against the GO No 3 and succeeded in getting it quashed by the court. Striking down the GO was gross miscarriage of justice, the government should ensure its re-implementation for the benefit of Adivasi tribes, Jagan noted.

Referring to the SC’s February 13, 2019 order that allowed eviction of lakhs of tribals and traditional forest dwellers whose forest land rights under the Forest Rights Act (FRA) of 2006 were rejected, he said the order put lives of nearly 40 lakh tribals at stake.

Jagan wanted effective implementation of the provisions of Fifth and Sixth Schedules of the Constitution that provides for self governance of Adivasis along with LTR (Land Transfer Regulation) Act 1959 (Amendment 1/1970), Panchayats (Extension to Scheduled Areas) Act, 1996 (PESA) in agency areas.

He alleged that the State and Central governments have been diluting the above acts and Constitutional rights of tribal communities to help corporate forces loot the mineral wealth in the forests. He called for collective agitations to protect Adivasi rights.

The Maoist spokesperson demanded that the State government stop alleged physical attacks on Adivasis by police and forest personnel. He sought action against the erring officials. He also wanted review of claims for forest land rights under FRA of 2006, withdraw efforts for uranium mining in Nallamala forests, open cast mines and cases filed against Adivasis.

Source : https://telanganatoday.com/maoist-spokesperson-jagan-wants-re-implementation-of-go-3