AFP Informant Executed By NPA In Negros Occidental Province

JB Regalado | Spokesperson | NPA-Central Negros | New People’s Army

December 20, 2021

Earlier today, around 6:30 in the morning, military asset and hitman Mario Landisa was punished by a unit of the Leonardo Panaligan Command – New People’s Army in Sitio Mambangon, Barangay Cabacungan, La Castellana, Negros Occidental province.

According to the due process of revolutionary justice, Landisa was subjected to warning and last warning with political education and given a chance to change his ways. Despite these efforts from the NPA and revolutionary mass organizations, he still reverted to old ways and was involved in cases of hold-up, murder, and intimidation of civilians. He also is a military informant that served as a guide for military operations tracing NPA units, making Landisa a legitimate target.

Found guilty of the aforementioned crimes and pursuant to the decision of the revolutionary people’s court, the NPA meted out revolutionary justice and punished Landisa.

Lawless elements and criminals are subject to trial for their crimes. The level of punishment is decided by the people’s court according to the severity of crimes, and can range from warning, disarming, area arrest, death, and others. As such, they are urged to surrender to a nearby Party committee or NPA unit to be immediately tried in the court.

With the worsening crisis of the semicolonial and semifeudal system, only the National Democratic Revolution serves as a comprehensive solution to the fundamental problems of society; not crimes that target the poor and oppressed, crimes that are perpetuated even by the AFP and PNP as machineries of the oppressive ruling class now represented by the tyrannical US-Duterte regime.

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