MCPM: The Public of Manipur bear no ill feelings against Ms Irom Sharmilla

The Maoist Communist Party Manipur strongly condemn and rejects the allegation of Ms Renu Rathee, an Indian Journalist, who published an article “Rejected by her own people” ( India Today dated 2nd May 2017) in reference to the marriage of Ms Irom Sharmila to a Mr Desmond Coutinho. This is a naked lie, an attempt to hide the real facts & the truth, insulting and portraying the public in a bad light.

The dirty Indian Politics, known all over the world as one of the filthiest Politics can in fact can be described as Semi Feudal in nature. The people of Manipur have witnessed the descendents and expanded family members of Okram Ibobi, Rishang Keishing, RK Ranbir, Irengbam Tompok etc displaying family or acquired political inheritance since time immemorial. And in such a political scenario the political plunge taken by Ms Irom under the guidance of certain money oriented NGOs was resented by many.But at the end of the day her wish was respected and she unfortunately lost the fray, true to the nature and color of the filthy Indian Politics. So to conclude as being rejected by her own people by looking at the result of a mere election and that too standing against the kingpin of the one of the dirtiest era of Manipur Politics is simply childish and unethical, reflecting a sinister attitude of the Indian media against the people of Manipur.

Ms Irom was in fact neglected and rejected by the Indian National Media and the colonial Indian Govt. Where was the National media when she was incarcerated in solitary confinement for sixteen years? The so called Indian National media never was interested in highlighting the genuine issues of Manipur viz AFSPA, blockades, natural disasters like flood, earthquakes or any other man made calamities or for that matter even to discuss Ms Irom’s the then prolonged fast and all the while portraying to the rest of the world that her fast was done at the behest of the Rebels (Another man’s Freedom fighter is a rebel to others) and in support of them. And our question to the low life Indian media is where were you all when Ms Irom was fasting and why the sudden interest now? Do we need to remind the Indian Media that they too are equally dirty as much as the Indian Politics, if not more. Do we need to remind the Indian Media the “World Press Freedom Index Report”, where they are in the 136th place out of a total of 180 countries in terms of transparency. So to judge the people of Manipur by a dirty media controlled by a dirty Indian Politics based on a filthy corruption & nepotism filled Indian modelled Manipur election is indeed laughable, a moronic verdict and a complete farce.

The whole world knows how democratic India is where numbers literally count & is given more value than the grey matters and where the numbers are literally bought by greasing the palms of the vulnerable uneducated(educated unethical ones too) mass as compared to the minuscule educated and the ones who can use their grey matters. Everyone knows election in India is an investment and candidates spends or throws millions to buy the numbers(voters) since democracy depends on numbers. So the so called Indian democracy is in fact a “thugery” system or a “Money-cracy” and to judge & pass a verdict based on their yardstick is the biggest joke of the century.We in fact would like to challenge the Indian Media to do an online referendum on this topic to see who rejects Ms Irom and the online referendum should be, to the chagrin of the Indian Media, done by any organization from a third country where the dirty hands of Indian Politics are barred. We are sure that 99.9% of the Manipuris will show their support for her.

The Maoist Communist Party Manipur had earlier welcomed the cessation of her sixteen years of fasting because it was not Ms Irom breaking her fast but Indian Democracy and a democratic movement failing her and the people of Manipur. It was indeed a litmus test for a democratic movement and the so called Indian Democracy. This indeed a victory for us who are rebelling against this so called Indian Colonial Democracy in Manipur and it is indeed a point for all Manipuris to ponder whether we should all raise our arms against such a farce called Indian Democracy who has been subjugating us since 1949,when sixteen of years of a democratic protest bear no result and in fact for the people of Manipur we should commemorate the day when Ms Irom broke her fast as the day of “Indian Farce Democracy Day”

The Maoist Communist Party Manipur therefore strongly condemn and rejects the said article published by the Indian Media. The MCPM do not intrude into the personal life of anyone nor do we encroach the personal space of anyone or that Ms Irom and have no say in her personal life.As much as the then Indians were not branded as having rejected Mr M K Gandhi when he was murdered by one Mr Nathooram Godsay, the Racist filthy Indian Media should desist from judging the people of Manipur whose moral ethics are much higher than them.

Maoist Communist Party – Manipur

C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.