MCPM: Stop disturbing the tranquility of Manipur!

The Maoist Communist Party Manipur strongly oppose the unforgivable acts of assaulting & murdering common workers by certain individuals/SOO groups disturbing the tranquility in Manipur following fifteen years of nepotism and anarchy. These heinous acts are taken very seriously and challenging to us & an appropriate response will be initiated.

The murder of a state native Meetei women, an ordinary common citizen, who was battling to provide for her family by an Assam Rifle personal & a leech of a person from one of the numerous SOO lowlife thugs at Moreh, and other innumerable incidents of harassing common workers, viz the abductions and murder of workers in Kangpokpi and other parts of Manipur will no more be tolerated as this is taken as a direct challenge to the fabric of Manipur and we vehemently oppose these cowardly subversive acts tooth & nail.

These SOO thugs are, as the name suggest day light robbers & murderers who are out to live on looting and plundering common people anywhere everywhere, on the highways, at the place of work or even homes, that people are now feeling insecure even within their residences. The bewildering fact is that the state & central rulers are keeping their eyes & ears shut despite to all these atrocities which makes us wonder whether they are an extension of their tactics of suppressing the common people with their reign of terror. It is high time the common people say nay to such deeds and respond appropriately.

Regardless of the ethnic SOO groups who tarnish the name of ” Yawol”, it may be mentioned that the Maoist recently taught a lesson they will never forget, to SOO group stationed at Napet Khun, Imphal East. That operation of the Maoist is however not the end, but the beginning of a relentless effort to protect the society and especially the common workers, irrespective of caste, creed or faith from any form of harassment.

A question which arise to us at this critical juncture is that of those so called Human Rights Organizations. Where are they when such blatant assaults & murders are occuring in broad daylight under the patronage of the rulers? Or are these Human Right Workers only a mere “Human Rights Pawnbroker”, interested in “Selfies”, “Awards”, “Fame” or some prime time on a TV Channel? Are they vultures thriving on the fogs of war and on the spoils of war? We will not be surprised as these Activist and their cohorts will soon start coming out of their holes as the month of June is in a few days and many a big events will soon start happening. The collection from these events will be of course enough till next June. Where are the CSO s to protect indigenous people too? Aren’t these assaults & murders a blatant violation of Human Rights and a threat to Indigenous people? Or are these cases not befitting enough to our esteemed Human Rights Activist or CSOs based in Manipur or outside Manipur to bring monetary gains or fame for themselves?

Maoist Communist Party Manipur will no more remain a mute spectator to all these atrocities committed on the workers or to any of our common people of Manipur. If the responsible authorities do not rein in or leash their state actors SOO within a week, keeping these lowlife communal thugs in their designated cages or camps, the bloodbath to follow will solely rest on the shoulder of those responsible for keeping them in cages or camps with whom they have an agreement – an agreement to lay down their arms and live in a designated cages or camps.

Maoist Communist Party – Manipur

C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.