Manipur Maoist appeals to censor hate speech in the struggle for protection of indigenous people

Imphal, October 08 2017: Maoist Communist Party Manipur has appealed All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union and Editors’ Guild Manipur to censor hate mongering speech between different communities of the state in their quest to save the indigenous communities of the region.

In a lengthy press statement, signed by Kyonghan Mangang, co-ordinator, Standing Committee, the outfit said that there might be attempt to sabotage the movement for protection of the indigenous people of the region by inciting enmity among the various communities of the state.

Already the ruling class is expert in suppressing peoples movement by propagating another issues, it added.

The outfit appeals to stand prepare for the mega mass movement for protection of the indigenous people by November 11.It also appealed the people to stay away from people spreading hate speech to create enmity among the various community using social networking site.

On the other hand the Maoist also appealed the Scheduled Tribe demand Committee demanding ST status for the Meitei / Meetei to make their stand clear and assure that no harm to the benefit of other ST communities will never be effected.

As for the Meitei it is not difficult to convert them to ST status as per the existing strata .

The Maoist also said that as reservation for the seat in the valley assembly constituencies for the indigenous people could be easier if converted into ST status , the outfit support both ST demand and the demand by KSA for reservation of assembly seat to indigenous people.

Demand for the ILPS in the state is a genuine demand of the people and the Maoist support all movement for saving the indigenous people , however, if any of the move incite hate feeling among the various community to promulgate enmity then the Moaist warn sever consequences .

It appeal each and every communities irrespective of variation in communities to stand together for a mass mega protest to protect the indigenous people of the state.


C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.