HPG: At least 15 soldiers killed in ongoing guerrilla actions

15 soldiers were killed and 1 drone was destroyed as a result of guerrilla actions in Hakkari, Şırnak and Van.

HPG Press Office issued a written statement on recent actions by HPG (People’s Defense Forces) and YJA Star (Free Women’s Troops) guerrillas in North Kurdistan.


Guerrillas carried out an action against the soldiers at Martyr Hozan hill in Hakkari’s Yüksekova district with heavy weaponry at 13:00 on October 16. Turkish army positions were effectively hit and destroyed, and 5 soldiers were killed during the action, after which soldiers randomly shelled the Binbir area.

Guerrillas carried out another action targeting the soldiers near Koordine hill from two directions at 10:00 on October 16. Soldiers fled the 4 army positions on the hill and 3 soldiers were killed while one other was injured. Guerrillas also destroyed a Turkish army drone during the action.

HPG guerrillas also hit the soldiers at Şkêr outpost in Hakkari’s Çukurca district with heavy weaponry at 10:00 on October 16. The watchtower of the outpost was destroyed, and the number of dead and injured soldiers couldn’t be clarified.


The Turkish army launched an operation in the Şehriban and Risor areas of Şırnak between October 10 and 15 with the participation of village guards from the villages of Navyana Şêxa, Mıla Kêrê and Kaniya Kaymakam. Turkish soldiers and village guards launched the operation after placing heavy weaponry on hills Çelê Nımeja area, Hêliz hill and some other strategic hills but were met with the resistance of the guerrillas that hit the Turkish units on Kırdoş hill around 12:00 on October 12. 2 soldiers were killed and another 2 were injured during the brief clashes here.

3 soldiers were killed and many others were injured as a result of a sabotage action guerrillas conducted against soldiers in Çelêsor area the same day. Another soldier was killed during the clashes on Girê Hêliz hill on October 13.

The Turkish troops damaged civilians’ gardens and orchards as they were forced to end their operation and withdrew from the region without yielding any results. The forest fires that began due to Turkish soldiers’ bombardment in Şehriban, Risor, Çiyayê Fıla and Besta Bıluzer regions continue.


One other sabotage action by guerrillas targeted the soldiers at a checkpoint on the Van-Hakkari road around 10:00 on October 16. One soldier was killed and another one was injured in the action.


On October 15, Turkish soldiers ended the operation they had launched in the Martyr Baran region in the countryside of Amed’s Farqin (Silvan) district on October 7.


The operation launched by the Turkish army in Uranıs area of Bitlis’ Tatvan district on October 11 was retreated on October 15 evening. While disguised units remain in the operation zone, communication has been lost with 5 guerrillas during this operation.


Guerrillas released a civilian named Ali Şen after warning him against cutting trees between the Pişi and Meydanlar neighborhoods of Dersim’s Pülümür district on October 14.

Turkish warplanes carried out air strikes in the rural areas of Dersim’s Pülümür district on October 16, and information on the details of this aggression will be shared with the public once available.


Turkish warplanes bombarded the Deriyê Dawetiya (Düğündağı) area in Heftanin region of Medya Defense Zones’ in South Kurdistan territory at around 10:40 on October 16.

Source: https://anfenglish.com/kurdistan/hpg-at-least-15-soldiers-killed-in-ongoing-guerrilla-actions