Galiza: Call of the Committee Building the Maoist Communist Party of Galicia to prepare the Revolutionary General Strike

To the Galician working people:

The corrupt and repressive government of the PP with the complicity of other parties -the social-traitors of the PSOE and the “legalists” of IU and Podemos- is preparing the annulment of Catalonia’s self-governance status through article 155 to try to avoid the proclamation of the Republic of Catalonia by the “Parlament”.

With the images of the repression of the referendum of October 1 in front of us, in front of the Galician people and the other peoples that today are part of the Spanish State (Expired and dying monarchist-fascist regime imposed in the year 1978 as a parody of democracy), we can affirm that only active defense at all levels of the Rights of the People, being this, the offensive of the working masses, can crush the black dreams of the fascist oligarchy and its allies to perpetuate this odious oppressive regime, direct heir of fascism.

Right now, they have no capacity to repress the just indignation of the masses of workers of the various stateless peoples and other peoples of the Spanish State in front of their repressive and dictatorial stage.

It is time to make way for the offensive!

Although we know of the lack of strong and consolidated proletarian organizations, we are fully rely on the masses of workers, students, peasants and progressive intellectuals, men and women who will live up to the historic events we are experiencing.

Therefore, we make an energetic call for the total stoppage of economic and social activities in Galicia and in the rest of the Spanish State through a great General Strike and to show in the streets the defense of our rights as a class and as a people.

For the Revolutionary General Strike against the corrupt dictatorship of the fascists and the oligarchy!

Down with the Borbon-Francoist monarchy!

Long live the People’s Republic of Galicia!

Long live the People’s Republic of Catalonia!

People’s War until Communism!

Galicia, 10/02/17
Committee Building the Maoist Communist Party of Galicia