Tjen Folket Summer Camp 2017

Tjen Folket Summer Camp

The summer camp of Serve the People and Revolutionary Communist Youth is held every year. We gather communists from the whole of Norway and also from other countries, to a week of studies, practical work and social activities. In the camp both members and non-members of our organizations participate. To sign up for camp, you must contact a local branch of Serve the People. If you do not know any branch of our organizations near you, contact us on [email protected]

Political seminars

In addition to the group-studies on the main theme, there will also be seminars on different political and ideological topics. The participants choose between these seminars. A comrade will lecture or initiate discussion. The seminars CAN for exaple be about our methods of political work, about the maoist struggle in India, about the difference between MLM and other political tendencies etc. There are some different seminares every year.

Practical workshops

We do not only work with theory. We organize practical workshops where the participants choose betweem painting slogans, producing badges, theatre, stencil making for grafitti or making other helpful things for the struggle.

Social activities, culture and sports

For many participants, the social life in the camp is allmost as important as the political program. Here you will meet young and old communists from the whole country, and also from abroad. We organize social activities and there is a lot of informal social activities.

There will aslo be culture and sports. Comrades will teach musical instruments and there will be a lot of singing. The group studies, seminars and workshops are mandatory for all campers, but these activites will be a lot more free.

There is one english speaking group in camp, but the language of the camp is norwegian.


C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.