Solidarity with Denmark’s Youth!

The youths and students of Denmark have today gone on strike in a great amount of educational institutions in protest against the bourgeois regime’s cuts on educational spending—the government and Parliament seek to cut spending by over 14 billion Danish crowns (around 2.2 billion USD) in the coming years, fully in the spirit of the previous governments’ neoliberal policies, and this has been met by enormous popular resistance. The Construction Committee stands firmly on the side of the youth in the struggle against the capitalist regime.

This austerity is the result of a capitalist ruling class which no longer wishes to pay for the rights that the Danish people have fought for in the past. The capitalists have forgotten the Youth Rebellion and the workers’ rebellions during the 20th Century, the enormous revolutionary movements that forced them to pay for our education, and so they believe that they can cut spending without consequences. But the youth will show them and their lackeys in Parliament—we refuse to let them ruin our future!

Only in a society where the working class holds power in an alliance with the middle class, in a society where neither money nor profits dictate the country’s politics, can this endless austerity show be ended. If we seriously wish to end the undemocratic reforms of this government, we have to seize power! A Denmark where the people hold power—and where the youth and teachers can run the education system—is the only way we can end the capitalist adult supremacy that rules our country.

Denmark needs a Communist Party that can participate in the youths’ struggle for their rights, and which can build revolutionary organizations where the youth can struggle for proletarian revolution. That is what the Construction Committee is building, first as the Red Guards Copenhagen and later as the reconstituted Communist Party of Denmark [DKP]. The Red Guards and the reconstituted DKP won’t be built by holding meetings and selling newspapers, but by participating actively in the people’s daily struggles, and by being at the forefront of the most revolutionary struggles. We seek to help the youth continue their struggle for many years after today’s protests, and to help them make revolution against the adult supremacist, capitalist society. The role of the youth in the struggle cannot be overestimated.

Down with the government!
Bring an end to austerity!
Power to the people!

Red Guards Copenhagen
(Construction Committee)
October 2017


C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.