Sixth Pan-Canadian Conference Callout! [February 18th-19th]

We are back! 6th Revolutionary Student Movement Conference Callout

As many comrades, supporters and organizers of the MER-RSM are aware, we unexpectedly had to push back our 6th Revolutionary Student Movement Conference. But we are back and will be hosting our 6th Congress on February 18th-19th 2017 in Ottawa!

With invitees from coast to coast, this is shaping up to be another historic leap forward in building the revolutionary movement in Canada! We will witness and shape the transformation of the political landscape of the country and forge ahead toward revolution!

Interested comrades are encouraged to register for participation either with their local MER-RSM Section or by contacting the Coordinating Committee at [email protected] . We are currently soliciting proposals to guide our ideological, political and organizational work for debate at the Conference, and these should be submitted by February 12th 2016.

Assistance with accommodations and transportation are available, but given the difficulty with pushing back the conference our resources are limited. We will do our best to assist everyone despite our limited resources – No comrade left behind!

Source: MER-RSM