Jugendwiderstand : “Fight, comrades! Fight and comrade Pierre will be immortal”

On this day we want to express our warmest internationalist salute and our solidarity towards our French comrades of the PCM.

We want to honour the memory of comrade Pierre who without and doubt has been a genuine revolutionary to the bottom of his heart and fought with fervor and dedication from the very first days of his struggle, to the moment he joined Gauche Prolétarienne, until the very last day.

We only had the chance to meet him once, but it was enough to see how much he cares for the people, how the younger comrades looked up to him, how tireless he was in organizing the revolution and how confident about us – the movement of the international proletariat – to finally win the struggle and conquer imperialism.

And this is the legacy of comrade Pierre we want to uphold: That his example will enlighten the hearts of young revolutionaries across the world and be with us in our struggle and of course with the French comrades in their struggle and so on… and one day, when the struggle is won and the victory is ours, he along with all the other revolutionaries who gave their lives will be part of it.

Fight, comrades! Fight and comrade Pierre will be immortal.

December 6, 2017

C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.