ILPS: Call for Revolutionary Change! Message to Revolutionary Praxis

Jose Maria Sison
International League of Peoples’ Struggle

We, the International League of Peoples’ Struggle, hereby express our solidarity with Revolutionary Praxis on the occasion of its celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution in London on November 11, 2017.

We have the highest appreciation for Revolutionary Praxis calling for fundamental revolutionary change by the proletariat and people amidst the ever worsening crisis of the world capitalist system, the escalation of exploitation and oppression, and the utter brutality of state terrorism and wars of aggression.

We agree with Revolutionary Praxis that we must draw from the October Revolution inspiration for a new revolution. We must learn from the teachings of the great Lenin and from lessons in the victorious practice of the October Revolution. This revolution remains valid and relevant in the struggle of the proletariat and people for national liberation, democracy and socialism in various parts of the world.

We are still in the era of modern imperialism and proletarian revolution, especially because of the revisionist betrayal of socialism. Since the rapid and full restoration of capitalism in revisionist-ruled countries and the collapse of the Soviet Union in the years of 1989 to 1991, far worse conditions of imperialist plunder and war as well as threats of nuclear annihilation and environmental catastrophe have arisen. It is urgently necessary to establish, expand and consolidate the revolutionary forces of the proletariat and the people to defeat the imperialists and all reactionaries.

The Bolshevik-type of proletarian revolutionary party must be established and developed as the vanguard. It must lead the unions and other mass organizations, self-defense formations, the people’s army, the organs of political power and the alliances. It must excel at arousing, organizing and mobilizing the broad masses of the people. Leninism and the October Revolution are best understood and wielded as revolutionary weapons within the context of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist theory and practice.

We commend and are grateful to Revolutionary Praxis for having persevered in advocating revolutionary change and in supporting current revolutionary struggles, such as those in India and the Philippines. As expression of solidarity, we urge the member-organizations of the ILPS to send delegations to the event organized by Revolutionary Praxis to celebrate the centenary of the October Revolution and learn from other delegations the current conditions and tasks to carry out.

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C. Kistler

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