Down with the State of Emergency, the Police State! We are Right to Rebel!

Since the fascist attacks of Daech on November 13, the parliament passed the State of Emergency.

All the politicians in parliament voted for the State of Emergency, from the Front National to the Front de Gauche! Freshly passed, the government has already extended it for another three months. Today, this “exceptional state” that was announced as temporary and as a response to a “security need” has become the norm. The watchdogs of the bourgeoisie have taken one more step in the strengthening of the repressive apparatus by seeking to incorporate measures related to the State of Emergency into current legislation and even into the constitution. This proves once more that the so-called exceptional laws are not exceptional, but are actually a maneuver to impose on the people constant fascism from the state apparatus. If the FN comes to power tomorrow, it won’t even have to pass anti-labor laws because the Hollande-Valls government will have already done the work, with the more or less active complicity of all the right and left parties!

They tried to sell it to us like it was for our own good, to fight terrorists. The masquerade lasted only a few days.

Whole neighborhoods have been placed under curfew, as well as Sens in Bourgogne.

Thousands of searches have taken place. All that, for not much, since in the overwhelming majority of cases, the searches did not even yield any suspects taken into police custody.

The objective is to point the finger at a part of the population: the inhabitants of working-class neighborhoods, first and foremost immigrants or those designated as such. For the State and the fascists, the term migrant is interchangeable with Muslim or Arab. The racist draft law on the deprivation of nationality clearly goes in this direction, it makes it possible to throw general suspicion on a whole segment of the proletariat of migrant origin, portraying them as a potential danger to the rest of the population designated as the “national community”. We must reject the racist laws that divide our class by designating one group as scapegoats and chaining another to the direct interests of the bourgeoisie.

According to them, our neighborhoods are nests of terrorists. Our neighbors, our brothers and sisters of class, are the ones they claim would prepare attacks! The message is clear: “We are surrounded by potential bombers. Do not be afraid, we are here to protect you! If you disagree, it is because you surely have something to hide.” This is what the bourgeois state says.

So of course, with the State of Emergency, there is no more need for an inquiry or a judge to issue a decree for a house arrest, or make a search! The prefects and the cops are delighted: evictions of squats, house arrest of militants, unmitigated pressure, etc., etc.

Before the State of Emergency, they were already going to look for trade unionists in their home at 6AM, just for a torn shirt! Imagine what awaits us now…

The aim of the fight against terrorism is to extend its field of action to all those who are fighting against the State. We can see it with the Goodyear workers who were sentenced to nine months in jail while they were struggling against the closure of their factory…

That is the situation that is developing before our eyes. It is in this context that we are urged to stand behind the flag, behind our army, to go to war. As before the First World War, we are being asked to defend the imperialist powers that go to war, those who, through these military interventions, plunder the natural resources of so many countries. Let us recall as one example among so many, Areva, whose so-called “humanitarian” operation in Mali profited thorough exploitation of the Niger uranium. It is the same logic in Syria where future profits will be made on the thousands of corpses from the daily French state bombardments.

These imperialist powers do not hesitate to destabilize countries, using all their tricks to divide the people and make them fight each other – all this to set up new watchdogs who will be very docile. And then, when the monsters they create turn against them, they run in to play firemen! They are the one’s responsible!

It is clear what terrible consequences this has had for all the oppressed peoples of the world.

This situation is dangerous. It profits the bourgeoisie to strengthen its state apparatus, it’s an impulse of militarization and general policing of society. But do not worry, it’s for your good, they tell us!

This situation, and especially its actors, reinforces the rise of fascism. Sarkozy had begun laying the foundation for the Front National. Some people said that Holland was going to oppose it. But no, on the contrary! With all its anti-worker and anti-mass measures, the PS draws a royal road to the FN!

Faced with the State of Emergency which is on the way to becoming the normal state of society, faced with the rise of fascism, the only solution is revolution! It is the development of the Front on an anti-fascist, anti-capitalist and revolutionary line! It is the development of tools to serve the people! It is the development of international solidarity with the people of the worlds struggling against imperialism and fascism!

It is the development in our factories and companies and on our construction sites of structures combining unionized and non-unionized people with a revolutionary perspective! It is the development of our fighting force which will give a blow for a blow response against reactionary attacks!

In a word, it is the deployment of the only justified war, the People’s War, a war of the people to regain power and to put in place a system that serves the interests of the proletariat and the masses!

We call to raise our heads and take our affairs back into our own hands!

The path is not easy, but we must destroy the illusions!

Today, the challenges are daunting and it is only united and determined that we will be able to face them!

Down with the State of Emergency, the Police State! We are right to rebel!


C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.