Cops, rapists, murderers!

Again, the cops have been exemplified by their barbarity. Theo, 22 years old, was arrested by four policemen during an ethnic profiling control. In addition to the usual violence, spitting and insults, the policemen raped him by putting their truncheons into his anus… An ignoble act that clearly shows the racist and barbaric mentality that exists within the police. Undergoing emergency surgery after his arrest, he is today in a critical state. The doctor ordered 60 days of temporary incapacity for work and he must wear a bag. His family and doctor are worried about the lasting effects he could have.

Contrary to what can is commonly said, police violence is not an “exception” or “blunder”. Theo had the good reflexes to place himself in the field of a camera. A neighbor also intervened. But unfortunately this is not the case all the time. This case has emerged, testifying to the daily police practices in working-class neighborhoods.

As in the case of Zyed and Bouna in 2005, as in the case of Adama Traoré last year, the media, politicians, and “Justice” immediately took the side of the police, and even today, while the judge retained the requalification of rape for one of the police officers, the IGPN concluded that it was an “accidental rape”! They really laugh in our faces!

The police force is a racist, xenophobic institution that protects the State by terrorizing the popular classes, especially blacks and arabs in working-class neighborhoods, to dissuade them from wanting to improve their living conditions and keep them in ghettos. It acts as a colonial occupational force (let us give as an obvious example the armed raids, blockades, and the reinforced controls during Eid …).

Since Saturday, the youth, angry with reason, have confronted the police in Aulnay and the surroundings in the 93. President Hollande himself visited Theo at his bedside. Yesterday, MPs passed a law that relaxed the conditions for cops to claim self-defense, and let us remember that the IGPN considers the act committed by the police officers “accidental rape”.

Pigs have to pay! And this will be the case, step by step, dispersed resistances will form a single revolutionary river that will destroy this system rotten to the core!

Justice for Theo!
Cops, rapists, murderers!

Source :

C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.