Call for global action in solidarity with Mengyu and the Shenzhen workers

Representative of the solidarity group in Shenzhen, excellent young leftist – Comrade Shen Mengyu – was abducted by Pingshan, Shenzhen police using hideous methods. As of August 14th, their status is still unknown.

The foolish and heinous enemy thinks they could use this to stop us and liquidate the solidarity group. These shortsighted cake-eaters were wrong from the beginning – Mengyu has never been fighting alone, and our worker conpatriots aren’t supported by only the solidarity group on site.

We are a whole, we are a team, we are the relentless waves of water, we are the shimmering morning sun in the east.

Our Comrade Mengyu will never capitulate to the enemy: she is fighting in a cruel environment controlled by the enemy. Those of us who haven’t been coerced and isolated must stand together and make our own voices heard.

Those who bring fuel for us in the snowstorm, we cannot allow them to freeze; those who open up the way of freedom through thorns, we cannot allow them to be trapped!

No one can arrest every charging warrior on the path forward, and no one can silent every voice of condemnation! The solidarity group in Shenzhen is now collecting works in solidarity with the two comrades arrested – Mengyu and Hu – all over the world.

We are collecting the following:

1. Write a message to Mengyu, Hu, or what you want to say.

2. Take a picture with placards – you can hide a part of the whole of your faces.

3. Say something, or record a video.

4. Artwork, statue, or other forms of work.

Please send your message, picture, or audio files to [email protected]