Against the American Intervention in Syria and imperialist war!

Proletarians and oppressed peoples, unite against imperialism!

We denounce the new intervention of American imperialism in Syria. This intervention means a direct war with the United States against Syria going beyond the “war on terror”. This intervention aims above all to defend the economic, political and strategic interests of US imperialism in the region by targeting Bashar al-Assad, the watchdog of Russian imperialism, their main imperialist competitor in the region.

This intervention, using the pretext of the chemical weapons attack possibly committed by the Bashar al-Assad regime shows the true nature of Trump’s government. Trump was elected by claiming to pursue an international isolationist policy and therefore opposing Hillary Clinton’s international interventionist policy. We can see that all this was only a spectacle: to survive, US imperialism needs to continue to be involved militarily wherever it is already involved in the partitioning of the world today.

The other Western imperialists, and French imperialism in particular, endorse American imperialism. They have all contributed to and supported rebel groups that are almost all radical Islamists, some of which have been officially linked to Al Qaeda such as the Al Nusra Front (becoming later Fatah al-Cham Front and then merging with other Islamist groups to form Hayat Tahrir al-Cham).

These “Islamist rebels” are the product of imperialist interventions in the region, especially of our own imperialism. The war between different clans and the dispersion of military equipment gave birth to groups that gave their alleagance to al Qaeda or IS later on.

The Middle East is an active issue for the imperialists, it represents a centre of activity: it is a major inter-imperialist conflict for our time. Between American imperialism, French imperialism and other Western imperialist forces on one side. These forces are divided, act “together” and at the same time for their own interest. Additionally, the American and French imperialists declare that they intervene for the interest of their own country reciprocally. The aims of the war are clear: the domination of the imperialists. This explains the support for this or that “rebel” group likely to become a future watchdog for their interests. Thus there are so-called “rebel” groups directly financed by the United States, others by Qatar and still others by Turkey.

On the other side, there is imperialist Russia and its local allies (such as Iran and Hezbollah) who support the reactionary regime, that of the bureaucrat capitalism of Syria led by the Alawite comprador Bashar al Assad.

The “Islamist rebels” are the product of the intervention of French imperialism in Libya and the Sahel. Similarly, IS is the product of more than ten years of American intervention and occupation in Iraq. After the attack claimed by Al Qaeda on the World Trade Center in 2001 and the misleading accusation that Iraq has chemical weapons and other non-conventional weapons, after invading Iraq US imperialism then set up a puppet regime that eliminated the pro-Saddam Sunni clan from power. The frustration and oppression of the Sunni clan allowed IS to rally many Iraqi Sunni troops and conquer vast territories in Iraq and then Syria.

If we go back in time, we go back to the source of the “rebel groups of today and IS”. In Afghanistan, the “Islamist rebels” were first supported with arms and material in Afghanistan by US imperialism to counter the intervention of Soviet social imperialism. They provided money and weapons to the nascent Al-Qaeda. French imperialism supported the warlord Massoud. Following the withdrawal of Russian troops, the Kabul regime collapsed. The various warlords went into war against one another, sowing death and destruction. The Taliban, posing as the main force fighting against the occupation forces, imposed their reactionary dictatorship. The US imperialists then intervened to defend their economic and strategic interests in the region and to set up a puppet government to bring the war to a new level of intensity. This gave back strength to the Taliban against the intervention of the US imperialists and their watchdog, the Afghan puppet regime.

This struggle for control of the Middle East, Africa and South-East Asia between the imperialist powers in these times of crisis increases the risk of war. The imperialist states are militarising, new forms of fascism are developing in all the imperialist countries to impose the economic measures necessary for the imperialists in open struggle for a new distribution of wealth between imperialist countries, and thus a new repartition of the world. The ever-growing crisis of imperialism means that the imperialists need military intervention and new forms of fascism to secure their domination over peoples and to maintain with iron and blood the dictatorship of financial capital.

This increases the risk of widespread war. In short, we must recall this clear and concise definition of Lenin: Imperialism is war.

At the same time, we must support the national liberation struggle of the Kurdish people, but we must note the differences between the various Kurdish forces in four countries with different political regimes. The Kurdish national bourgeoisie that runs the PYD tends to compromise with the imperialists in the legitimate struggle against IS and the Islamist groups aided by the Turkish fascist government, which sees Kurdish resistance in Syria and Iraq with displeasure. The class nature of the movement’s leadership leads them to make risky compromises with the imperialists who only give aid for something in return: an assurance for the future of their interests and not that of the peoples to whom they grant “aid”. We support the struggle of the Kurdish national bourgeoisie only to the extent that it does not oppose progressive forces within the national liberation movement.

We support in particular the International Batallion of Liberation, which brings together the revolutionaries, and in particular the Marxist-Leninist-Maoists of the TKP/ML. The only way for the Kurdish people to obtain their liberation will not be an autonomy in the name of a “democratic confederalism”, but rather the revolution of New Democracy, which can only be achieved by means of the People’s War, which must be led by the proletariat. The national bourgeoisie by its very nature is not in a position to assume the task of national liberation of the Kurdish people to the end, although the struggle as it develops today is legitimate and must be supported with a critical eye.

In Syria, as in all oppressed countries, it is necessary to build a Communist Party following Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, a party led by the proletariat, a party independent from the imperialists and their lackeys. It is only with this political direction that a real struggle for national liberation can be carried out through a protracted people’s war, to develop a genuine new democracy in order to advance towards socialism. There is no other way to free the masses from the yoke of imperialism, oppression and capitalist exploitation.

In the imperialist countries, communists have the dual task of helping peoples to fight the imperialists and their watchdogs, and against reactionary groups of all kinds who deviate from the people’s struggle to enforce their own dictatorship, ultimately siding with the imperialists. The best help that the communists in the imperialist countries can give is to weaken their own imperialists, to fight them and to contribute to the triumph of the revolutionary struggle throughout the world.

The resistance of the people, protracted people’s war for the defeat of the imperialists, and the triumph of the revolution is the only way to put an end to the wars.

Down with imperialist war!

Long live the struggle of peoples for their liberation!

Let’s build in each country the Maoist Communist Party


C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.