USA : Announcement of the Formation of Tacoma Maoist Collective

In the wake of the 2016 Presidential election, the foot soldiers of the capitalist class, a conglomerate of fascists, pigs, and other assorted reactionaries, have descended upon the masses in an open display of hatred toward the oppressed people of this country. With in 24 hours of the announcement of Donald Trumps victory over Hillary Clinton, countless reports flooded the internet of gender oppressed, oppressed nationality, and many other people being harassed to being brutally assaulted. As shocking as these reports are, this is the everyday reality for the oppressed masses in the U.S. Ever since the beginning of the settler colonial project in North America, the indigenous people of this country have faced near extinction and slavery. The African people were kidnapped in the millions and sold to wealthy landowners to build the growing settler nation! The Chican@ people were absorbed into the American Empire after years of colonization and conquest. The wounds of slavery and genocide are open and rotting, and they continue to do so as this new batch of fascist filth rear their ugly heads.

On the other hand, liberals, “progressives”, and even some who call themselves “socialists” and “communists”, sitting on their moral high ground, have nothing but contempt for the masses who rage against the system which seeks to destroy them. They lag behind the masses yet pretend to know better than them. They declaw the people and hide behind them, or lead them through dead end organizations and reformism. This is what kills movements that channel the peoples rage into revolutionary organization! We must be wary of the reactionaries who attack us on the outside but also equally wary of the seemingly harmless “moderate” who will erode a peoples movement  from the inside. This is the sad truth of Black Lives Matter today. A movement that sprung from the anger of the oppressed over the murder of their people at the hands of this country and sought to deal with white supremacy at the core, but was quickly overcome by liberals and NGOs, who only looked after their own “activist” careers and disregarded the peoples suffering, not to mention that the radicals were thrown out of the organization.

But as the contradictions of this country grow sharper and more apparent, a revolutionary situation in the belly of the beast of imperialism becomes more realizable. The guiding theory of this revitalized revolutionary movement, growing out of the struggles of youth of color, is Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. MLM is the third highest stage of Marxism, a culmination of the experiences of revolutionaries of the last 150 years. It was these principles that lead to the creation of the Peoples Republic of China, the most advanced socialist experiment to date, until it was overthrown by those who wished to retain capitalism, and now China today is one of the largest imperialist powers today. This ideology is also guiding numerous peoples struggles and peoples wars across the globe, from India to the Philippines, from Nepal to Peru, and many more. These heroic struggles continue today and are a beacon of hope and inspiration for the revolutionary minded and the oppressed.

What is it that the oppressed of the world cry out for? the end of Imperialism! chiefly American imperialism! It is our task as communists in America to facilitate this. This is the reasoning for the founding of our collective, to immerse ourselves in the struggle of the people and to give them the tools necessary to overthrow capitalism. As Chairman Mao puts it “The [Communist] must move among the people as a fish swims in the sea.”

The conditions in Tacoma are not as accelerated as some areas of the country, but as time goes on they become more and more revolutionary. Only an anti-revisionist revolutionary communist party can cultivate the masses using the Mass Line, or “from the masses;to the masses”, and lead the working class, gender oppressed, and nationally oppressed people of this country to bring a new world from the ashes or the old, to construct socialism, and lead them to the final victory of humanity, communism. We shall begin by immersing our selves, learning from, and advancing the antifascist, anti-gentrification, (which for the last 30 years has been the center of great struggle, as white gentrifiers push working class families out of their neighborhoods and into the street), and anti-police brutality struggles

We can not be afraid of the enemies of the people. They may look horrifying and strong on the outside, but they are weak on the inside, they are as what Mao called “paper tigers”, and as the dawn of revolution grows nearer and nearer, their facade of strength crumbles, and the collapses. The masses shall triumph over the reactionaries, because the masses are the true makers of history!




Source :

C. Kistler

Also editor of Nouvelle Turquie.